UPDATE Feb 21: The award for Actor in a Lead Role – Television went to Brendan Gleeson for his work in Into The Storm, so cheers to him! And now it appears Mr. Byrne was not in the house after all. His tribute to John Boorman, who received the Lifetime Achievement Award, was videotaped, along with congratulations from Pierce Brosnan and Burt Reynolds. As soon as any video becomes available, links will be posted here.

UPDATE Feb 19: According to staff at RTÉ One, lucky folks in Ireland can watch the festivities live on TV and then view the show on the RTE Player the day after the ceremony. For the rest of us, clips will be published at the IFTA website and on YouTube at some point in the near future.

And, according to UK Film and Television News:

Special guests will partake in a special tribute to John Boorman, including Brendan Gleeson, Gabriel Byrne, Neil Jordan, Jim Sheridan, with special video contributions on screen from Burt Reynolds and Pierce Brosnan.


UPDATE Feb 8:  In a press release issued today, 8th February, it’s been announced that  the IFTA Awards Ceremony will be broadcast LIVE from Dublin’s Burlington Hotel on 20 February 2010 at 9.35pm on RTÉ One!

Original posting January 20

‘Tis the awards season! Next up: The Irish Film and Television (IFTA) Awards. The ceremony takes place in Dublin on February 20.

Mr. Byrne has been nominated for his role as Dr. Paul Weston in In Treatment. The category is Actor in a Lead Role – Television.

The competition is fierce. Brendan Gleeson, Liam Neeson, and Jonathan Rhys Meyers are all vying with him for this honor.

In addition, John Boorman will receive a lifetime achievement award. As you recall, he presented Gabriel to us in Excalibur and I would give him this award for that achievement alone!

Congratulations to Mr. Byrne and all who have been recognized for their artistic contributions.

Thanks to Diba and Ann C. for the heads up!


  1. Thanks for sharing this good news! :)

  2. I would happily give Gabriel an award just for being Gabriel.


  3. I think you should present him with that award, Lozzie, no matter what happens with the IFTAs!
    I am sure he would love to put it on his mantle. :-)

  4. Looks like Gabriel will be back on these shores again in feb so. He seems to be in Ireland nearly more than New York of late. Back and fourth all the time. I’m not complaining. One of these days i might actually bump into him.

  5. regenboog

    Totally off the topic and yet: anyone knows what’s heppened to HBO In Treatment boards? I know I has been renewed, but now I can’t see anything there.

    And again off the topic: when can I present GB with the awards I keep collecting on my bedroom table?

  6. Regenboog – the HBO Boards have been completely revamped. It appears that all of the old threads have gone. You have to re-register, with your real name. I’m not going to bother though – there’s no telling when HBO might decide to arbitrarily erase another whole set of postings. The Byrneholics discussion boards are a much, much safer bet.

    Karen – Oh, it would be so wonderful if you could just bump into Gabriel Byrne! Do you know for certain that he is going to be in Dublin for the IFTA ceremony? We were all a bit confused, as we thought that he might have started filming the third season of “In Treatment” by then. My understanding is that the shooting schedule is pretty intense for Gabriel, and he might not be able to get away from New York. Have you heard otherwise?

  7. Lozzie i dont know for certain that he’ll be here for the IFTA’s. I was just presuming. Sorry to get your hopes up. But i will keep my eyes and ears peeled for every news paper article or news bulletin etc. If i get any proper info i will indeed let you know.

  8. If Gabriel doesn’t show up for the awards show in Ireland I’d bet he’s back in New York working on the 3 season of In Treatment. After all there have been articles that state shooting is to begin early in 2010. Now there is also information that shooting will not begin until June. If this is true, and not a rumour, that means the series will not air here in North America probably until 2011. This would mean no Emmy nomination for Gabriel this year.

  9. The Irish Daily Mail had an article a few days ago about the IFTAS, who would be in attendance etc. Alas Gabe Was not mentioned in the rumoured names to attend. So its not looking good Im afraid. I,m in the US on the 20th so I,ll actually miss the award ceromony live on telly here ( Ireland ). And i,m also going to the wrong city Philadelphia instead of Gabriels New York. Ah well we,ll struggle on.

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