Gabriel Byrne has no fear of portraying icons.

He has essayed several well-known historical figures, including Uther Pendragon, Christopher Columbus, Lord Byron, and Friedrich Bhaer (yes, the Professor is fictional, but still an icon, as any Louisa May Alcott fan will attest). And he has played iconic types as well: the pirate, the cowboy, the soldier. Before he went on to two of the greatest iconic roles he would ever portray–the priest and the Devil–he donned the musketeer’s uniform and brought us one of the most enduring of literature’s romantic figures: d’Artagnan.

While the critics generally do not have kind words for The Man in the Iron Mask as a film, they are almost unanimous in their praise for Gabriel’s portrayal. His gravitas in the role gives the entire film much needed heft and, as Roger Ebert observes, his d’Artagnan is the most convincing character on the screen. We can say what we might about the cobbled-together back-story and the presence of two Leos. Fans will tell you: this d’Artagnan is the heart of the film and he keeps us engaged when the story becomes convoluted or the swashbuckling lacks swash.

And now, just in time for the release of our new Byrneholics Mega Movie Page, the film will be available in a Blu-Ray/DVD combo package in May!

So, sit back and enjoy the screencaps, videos, historical analysis, reviews, a personal story, and all of the great content we have collected here in honor of The Man in the Iron Mask and its conflicted, tragic, and oh so romantic hero, d’Artagnan.


  1. YAY for D’ARtagnan! He truly is the heart of the movie, as you know from my TMITIM post (heh, that makes for a strange acronym). It’d be an entirely different movie without him in it, and having thespians like Malkovich and Irons certainly didn’t hurt. I hope he plays another romantic hero again, he’s perfect for it!

    • Thanks for visiting, RTM. I should include a link to your posting on the Mega Movie Page–I forgot! :-( I just loved making this page. You know why. And TMITIM is weird. Who’s Tim and why are we talking about him? So I usually just call it Iron Mask. :-)

  2. Aww, seeing d’Artagnan for the first time was when I fell in love with Gabriel. I was 9-10 years old and couldn’t stop watching the movie because of him. ” )

  3. Gabriel Byrne is the best d’Artagnan ever…:) i love him, and i fell in love with him in The Man in the Iron Mask…! it is one of my favorite movies with him…..!
    The movie would suck without Gabriel Byrne as d’Artagnan.. YAY for D’Artagnan! He truly is the heart of the movie, The Man In The Iron Mask. It’d be an entirely different movie without him in it, but having Irons certainly helped a little. he’s perfect for the role of d’Artagnan! i have had a crush on him since i was 8 or 10 years old:) i didn’t think that he was old, i though and still think that he is delicious:) Gabriel Byrne fan forever:)

  4. I saw the movie today and I am so in love, he’s so handsome, I love how he portrayed D’Artagnan

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