Lozzie has done it again!

272 screencaps from the film Wah-Wah are now available in the Gallery.

Be sure to visit the Gallery and check these out!

And many thanks to Lozzie, as always, for capturing these beauties for us.

This is one of Gabriel Byrne’s best films. As you view the screencaps, you will see an incredible array of dramatic expressions and intense feeling. Wah-Wah always blows me away. I am dust by the end of it . . .

Gabriel Byrne as Harry Compton in WAH-WAH


  1. Wah Wah is great, one of his best movies, for sure. Screencaps are tremendous, Lozzie!

  2. Wouah Wouah ! that’s for sure ! great jobs ladies !

  3. I would say “Wah wah” in response to the beautiful screencaps.
    Because in my mother tongue Hindi(/Urdu) “wah wah” is like saying “bravo” or “well done” :)

  4. iamyuneek

    I didn’t think I was going to like Wah Wah, and was getting ready to hit the ff button, but then the movie ended and I realized I had watched it all the way through. Fine acting and GB should get an Oscar [possible spoiler edited by Stella].

    Thanks Lozzie.

  5. Lozzie, I think you are tired to listen That: wonderful, beautiful,…..bla bla bla.
    But it’s TRUE: they are WONDERFUL!
    I have seen again the film thank your photos.
    Thank you.

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