Niall O’Loughlin is an artist who lives and works in Dublin. He has created really striking caricatures of actors, musicians, sports figures, and politicians. You can see more of his work (and even purchase his pictures!) at his main website and you can keep up with his current activities at his blog.

Back in May, 2009 Niall was on hand for the festivities surrounding the final episode of The Late Late Show, hosted by Pat Kenny. He posted a picture of his wife, Helena, and Gabriel from the after party on his blog and I quickly grabbed it for the Byrneholics posting about the show. And we started a little conversation on that posting, as you can see.

Long story short, Niall has now produced a caricature of Gabriel Byrne! He has really captured him and he thankfully paid attention to my request: he did not overdo the “nose,” which would have been the obvious characteristic to emphasize, and focused instead on that ruddy complexion and Gabriel’s great big SMILE.

Niall has graciously allowed Byrneholics Online to use this picture on the site and we say to him: THANK YOU, NIALL! This is a wonderful work of art you have shared with us all.

The Smiling Ambassador


  1. Thanks for sharing this work of art with us.
    I especially like how O’Loughlin have captured Gabriels eyes and hair.

  2. Stephanie

    Thank you very much mister O’Loughlin for sharing with us this beautiful
    picture. Really wonderful !!!!

  3. It’s a wonderful portrayal and captures his great sense of fun and humor. Thank you!

  4. I’m generally not a big fan of caricatures. I always prefer the original. and most of the time it does not “capture” the essence of the person portrayed. but there I have to say that it does. really. great job mr O’Loughlin.

  5. It really does capture Gabriel – who, it must be said – has a face that was just MADE for caricature. You’ve got the mad-bonkers hair, the crinkly twinkly blue eyes, the scruff, the cheese-cake grin. Heck, he’s even Unbuttoned To The Third, look.

  6. Somehow I just assumed Mr. O’Loughlin would go straight for the NOSE. It can be an imposing edifice, though those crinkly twinkly blue eyes do balance it nicely. I remember thinking, when I asked him to make this picture, “Oh please. Leave his poor nose alone.” And he did. I love the complete and total UNBUTTONED picture. :-)

  7. Love the picture, and love that Niall knows we’re here! Kudos to you, Stella for your interaction and for raising the profile of this amazing site. It has to be among the BEST fan pages ever!

  8. Thank you very much mister O’Loughlin for sharing with us this beautiful
    picture. Really wonderful !!!!

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