A lot about Gabriel Byrne, it seems!

Joe Jackson’s article in the August 1 edition of The Sunday Independent [This article is no longer available on the Internet] takes us back to the Gabriel Byrne of 1988 and 1992, using interviews from the past to reflect on the Gabriel Byrne of today.

What is most fascinating about these interviews is the thematic thread that runs through them like a line of dark silk: the personal struggle to achieve artistically, to overcome insecurities and depression, and to become whole.

For those of us who only know the Gabriel Byrne of today, through the documentary Stories From Home or his interviews with Gay Byrne and others about his experiences growing up in Ireland, this article can be startling. Mr. Byrne has been telling us about his life, sharing his life, for a long time:

“Ten years ago I was in Dublin devoid of hope,” he muses. “Now, you and I are sitting in Beverly Hills doing this interview . . . and that to me is an indication that dreams, ambitions . . . can be realised. If someone is reading this, as I used to read interviews, I want them to say, ‘He did it, so can I’, whatever they are reaching for, tell them go for it. If you and I can get that ray of hope across to even one individual, that makes this whole exercise worthwhile. I used to do interviews where they’d ask mindless, tedious questions but now I realise that, like here today, we can . . . hopefully communicate something of worth, and importance, to somebody out there.”

Gabriel Byrne was inspirational then, and he continues to inspire today.

Some fans have rather severe opinions about Joe’s article on Mr. Byrne. Others think that it is refreshing to read an interview in which direct questions are asked and answered honestly and articulately.

What do you think?

I told you I’ve been talking about this stuff for a long time!


  1. this man is just to yummmy. want him on the bed all to myself.

  2. Cythandra

    I think I know how he feels at times.

  3. How can I use the forum ? HBO destroyed the old forum. I thought this was the only place to write. Thanks !! Sorry for my english but it`s a long time I don`t practice

    • susyk, a link to the Forum is on the Byrneholics homepage at the top on the right.

      You must become a member to post on the Forum. Click on the link and register.

      Let me know if you have any questions.


  4. Thanks, Stella ! I registered, so I can use this site for a short comment and the forum for more or different kind of thoughts ?? Is it ok ?

    • Yes, Susyk! Welcome to the Forum! Be sure to introduce yourself when you have a chance. It’s a great group of people from all over the world.

  5. Although we all want to know everything about GB I think this article is more opportunist than other thing. Jackson said they made peace but it seems to me he^s a little resentfull !!

  6. iamyuneek

    More news from Joe on Twitter

    Also got some staggeringly nasty, even stupid, negatives responses to Gabriel Byrne article from hero-worshiping devotees of the man himself
    6:37 AM Aug 13th via Facebook
    Phoenix magazine mocking me again, this time for the Gabriel Byrne article, is some guy in magazine obsessed with me? Very cute indeed!
    6:36 AM Aug 13th via Facebook

  7. Hmmm… Well, in the beginning – for most of the article, actually – Gabriel and Joe almost seemed to be buddies; they were communicating well on some level, and it seemed they were on the same page. But then, towards the end, Gabriel appears to have thought differently about the whole effing thing (he seems to be a bit of a loose cannon with his language), and turned the other cheek on Joe. We don’t really know why; but Gabriel is an actor and aciors get paid to pretend to be all kinds of psople that they’re not. If any of us were to meet him, talk with him for awhile would you be inclibed to believe anything he tells you, or not?
    I wouldn’t know, because I don’t know him.
    But, regardless I will put this much in his corner: he’s HOT.

    I am inclined to say I wouldn’t

    • interesting point Alicen. but I don’t think that actors prentend more that anyone else in their daily lives. we all, as social beings, “act” when with other people, and we adapt our behaviour according to those people. but I do think that this does say a lot about who we are. but from what I’ve read of him and what other people say, he seems to be a pretty honest guy.

    • Stella, keep up great work, as usual. You are in fact the usual suspect when it comes to great work! Alicen, you make some good points there. I’ve just put the entire transcripts of both my now legendary Gabriel interviews into a booklet, not finished yet, with the back story in more detail, my diary entries, photos of Gabriel and that thirty second clash we had was a merely ‘the drink talking’ or rather shouting. Gabriel and I have met on many occasions since, and neither of us find it necessary to even raise the subject. And now that I’ve re-read 20,000 words we did I see we were uncannily in tune, he remains one of my favourite interviewees of more than a thousand

  8. Kim Serrahn

    can’t say how happy to have this site. since the beginning been in lust with this man. starting to rewatch his movies usual suspects so go sad he had to die but he does it rather well don’t you think well bye for now have to feed the grandson,(never ending that) kim

  9. Kim Serrahn /Connell (@kimserrahn)

    Well no matter what any one says, I like them both. Hate me or love me. Either way I win.

  10. Kim Serrahn /Connell (@kimserrahn)

    Came upon this little tid-bit about Joe Jackson. Thought you might like to read it.
    The Irish Times on Joe Jackson

    ‘Jackson is a tenacious interviewer. Just as his subjects start to relax, he throws them that question from hell you wouldn’t have the nerve to ask, “Tell us abut the wife-beating, Richard” – this, more or less to Richard Harris whose self-deprecating halo was starting to glint. “Is killing children in Warrington part of your peace strategy?’ – that, paraphrased, to Gerry Adams…Match him against someone he believes is a hypocrite and he enters the fray like a latter-day Danton. Ben Briscoe, then Lord Mayor of Dublin, storms off in a huff when Jackson queries his remarks on homosexuality and Charles J. Haughey. But men like musician Christy Moore, writers Tom Murphy and Paul Durcan, open their hearts because they sense they can trust him – and you never doubt it. Jackson’s research is impeccable, his commitment is everywhere.”
    (Medb Ruane, The Irish Times.)

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