Updated Oct 7:

Here is Debra Winger’s October 6 interview with Craig Ferguson on The Late Late Show:

Debra Winger, known for her roles in films such as Terms of Endearment and An Officer and a Gentleman, and especially admired by Gabriel Byrne fans for her stunning work in A Dangerous Woman, is set to star as Frances, one of Dr. Paul Weston’s new patients, in Season Three of In Treatment.

We’ve been jumping with excitement ever since hearing this news back in the Spring. It will be so amazing to see these two actors share the screen again!

For a taste of what is around the corner (on October 25, to be exact), tune in to Ms. Winger on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson TONIGHT.

We shall hope for a bit of promotion by one Mr. Gabriel Byrne on Craigy’s show sometime soon, too.

I may be In Treatment, but I still have that smile!

Thanks to Kris (USA) for the heads up on this! smile


  1. Being the Craig Ferguson fan that I am, I can’t wait to see these two together!! I hope Debra is the first that HBO has sent out “on the circuit” to promote IT3. This could get very exciting if it is!!!

    I LOVE THIS!!! The 25th is right around the corner and I am more than ready…………. Bring it on……….

    Kris (USA)

  2. The sparks are gonna fly between these two in Season 3! Looking forward to hearing what she has to say about her experience filming with GB…

    Yes, yes, Bring On October 25!


  3. Small mention of Gabriel. Whee, I miss Laura, I wish she’d be back one day or another.

  4. Dam that’s late il see it on YouTube next week

  5. O-M-G………

    It was everything I had hoped for and more!!!

    Craig never disappoints and tonight was no exception in my humble opinion………..

    It is great to see that HBO is indeed promoting In Treatment and my excitement is growing even more with the clip they showed of Frances and Paul.

    Kris (USA)

  6. They were really funny together. Wish there had been a bit more about IT3, but it was GREAT to see her. :-)

    • I agree Stella – more about IT3 would have been great but Debra certainly held her own with Craig. So I think she has no doubt been up to the task of taking on the In Treatment shrink!! LOL!! We will soon see if my intuition is correct………..

      Kris (USA)

  7. LOVED the interview. Surprised no one mentioned the part where Debra said, “Gabriel is very well….” (she was going to say well READ). But no, Craig kinda lowers his chin and says, “Hung.”


    My mission in life: To find out.

    KIDDING! ***shaking head no***

    My first post, and I’m naughty.

    LOVE this site. The imdb boards went to hell and beyond. As someone there said, “Ahhh, who let the dogs out?!?!” Indeed.

    Again…love and adore this site…so very well done. Couldn’t ask for more!

    • Hi Deb and welcome. Be sure to join the Forum!

      Thanks for your kind comments about the site. And we appreciate a naughty post now and then–expect to see more of them as In Treatment Season Three approaches. It is bringing out the “naughty” in all of us! It’s the waiting, you see…


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