According to HBO’s official website, Season 3 of In Treatment is set to air in October 2010!

This fantastic official news follows on more breaking news that In Treatment just won the Rockies Fiction Award (drama category) at Banff Film Festival 2010 [The Banff 2010 website is no longer available on the Internet].

All we can say is that the Rockies judges definitely have good taste.

We are also hearing, unfortunately, that the show has been canceled. HBO has not renewed In Treatment in spite of its popularity, because it has apparently become too challenging to produce at the level of quality we all expect. This means it is too expensive, probably. Also, Gabriel Byrne is rumored to have had enough. And that’s fine. Three seasons in which you are the one person on screen the entire time is probably sufficient. Who’s crying? You’re crying. I’m not crying . . . *sob*

In further Season Three news, Samrat Chakrabarti, who has been tweeting about his role in In Treatment Season 3, tells us that Sonya Walger will be portraying his character’s wife in their episodes with the good doctor. You probably know Ms. Walger from Lost, where she played Penelope Widmore. She has also appeared in several other television series, including Flash Forward, Tell Me That You Love Me, and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. However, I mostly love her for doing voice work in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, one of my favorite games (for the PC, of course). She played a pedestrian and pedestrians are very important in that game, I can tell you. Read more at her IMDB page.

Sonya Walger, most recent addition to IT3 cast. Welcome aboard, Ms. Walger!


  1. Thanks for sharing these news.
    I am really looking forward to In Treatment 3.
    Hope I have a chanche to see IT3 in October in Norway too.

    Nora, who is crazy about In Treatment,
    like so many other persons around the world

  2. I am surprised by the October airing date–very pleasantly surprised! I hope everyone has a great time filming and that the stress levels stay manageable. This is a real gift: to have Season Three so soon! To say that we are excited here at Byrneholics is the understatement of the year. :-)

  3. considering season one started on the air in January and season in April, it was high time… plus now that I’m like everyone else I have to wait, it demands quite a lot of patience !!

  4. Surprised to hear about season 3 airing in October. Very pleased. Now does this mean that GB could get a Golden Globe nomination this year? Sure hope so. Also, what’s the scoop on “In With The Outlaws”? Is this a comedy or drama?

    • ‘In With The Outlaws’ is being described as a spoof western! :D It’s the new project of Richard E Grant (of Wah Wah). Yay! Now here’s something to look forward to!

  5. Gabriel is going to do extremely well – I have a good feeling about him just ripping through me bones right now, tell you why…
    Browsing on the Irish Independent led me to Lord Rosse, 7th Earl of Rosse, who lives in Birr Castle, Co. Offaly.
    Birr Castle images led me to another linked site, Gothic Imagination, which is (or it was, anyway) based in Scotland.
    This website had THE SAME IMAGE from the ‘Gothic’ film, Henry Fuseli’s little monster from ‘The Nightmare’, which he created in 1781.
    This image brought me back to Byron, Shelley et al, which led me straight back to Gabriel.
    This was not a coincidence – THIS MEANS SOMETHING REALLY GOOD is in store for Gabriel and we will witness this in the coming months.
    I do believe that good things are in store for him, and for us, and I am so hoping he will ‘take the bull by the horns’ and show ’em he’s still the man, baby… ’cause he’s still got it. I KNOW HE DOES.

  6. iamyuneek

    Alex Wolff (The Naked Brothers Band) has signed on for a multiple-episode story arc on HBO’s In Treatment, where he will play the son of Gabriel Byrne’s Paul. (Deadline)

  7. I like Sonya Walger

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