UPDATE July 8: Intrepid reporter Aragarna notes that the Season 2 DVD will become available in France on September 15. Wah! Europe gets IT2 before the US! smile

Here’s a great way to celebrate the Fourth of July (if you are in the US, of course)! 

We should not be too surprised to learn that the DVD set for Season Two of In Treatment is now slated for release in the US in October. After all, Season Three starts in October and viewers will want to sit down with Gabriel Byrne/Dr. Weston for a review before getting immersed in the new patient stories. You can pre-order Season Two at Amazon for a reasonable price, but do not expect any extras. That’s okay, though. Don’t be depressed. The real content is enough to make us very happy, yes? Happy and well-adjusted, but still needing In Treatment!

Um, okay. But stop looking at me like that!

Is the waiting making you anxious? Need a Byrne fix? Well, we are here for you. Several of Gabriel’s early films now have their own Mega Movie Pages (as “mega” as they can be, considering the absence of information available for some of them!). Take a look for a reminder of Gabriel’s first work on the screen. These may take the sting out of waiting for more recent Byrne:

Hanna K (1983)
The Keep (1983)
Guilia e Guilia/Julia and Julia (1987)
The Courier (1988)
A Solder’s Tale (1988)

A taste:


  1. Long overdue! LOL @ those fireworks :D :D

  2. It would be nice to get both in Blue-Ray.

  3. Hope we Europeans will have the sone 2 version of In Treatment 2 so soon as possible. In Treatment 1 I had to buy twice, first in a Sone 1 edition, and later in a Sone 2 edition…

  4. Aragarna

    right ! if there is anyone from HBO listening, please, release the zone 2 edition too !! PLEASE !!


  6. Or as Rachel Ray might say – “Delish!”

  7. Just watched episode 9 of season two. Did anyone notice when paul was talking to Rosie in his kitchen it showed the turtle on top of the fridge and there in all its glory was a box of BARRY’S TEA BAGS. Obviously a prop suggested by Gabriel. I have a box in my kitchen press, like most people in Ireland.

    • Hi Karen, yes! We’ve noticed that :-) I’ve sent Barry’s Tea a screencap of that scene and they posted it on their official website, facebook page and flickr, have a look: http://www.flickr.com/photos/31306935@N08/4247270403/ :D :D

      • Fair play Lara you are definately on the ball as they say. I’m a little behind only watching season 2 now. But this site is fantastic. Honestly if Gabriel cut himself shaving you would probably know about it. Where do yee get all your info etc. I’d say Barry’s tea were happy to say the least. Lyons tea not so happy. ha ha

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