Are you ready?

To help you get ready, here are two Season Three teasers created by Stella and Aragarna. heart

The “subtle” teaser for Season Three:

And the very silly teaser for the Third Season of In Treatment. Please accept it in the spirit in which it is meant: we are slightly over-excited (!) waiting for the new season and this is what happens when too much time elapses between fixes installments of In Treatment!

This silliness is brought to you by Aragarna and Stella.

What’s that buzzing in your head? Well, that’s the sound of brand new In Treatment heading your way!

It is official: Season Three of In Treatment is scheduled to begin on October 25 and 26.

Here is the new trailer:

And here is the Critic’s Tease :

Thanks to LHL and Arlene for the heads up! And a big thanks to Aragarna for her work on the Byrneholics Teasers!

Let the Countdown Begin!


  1. ooooooohhhh yaaaaaaaaaaa

  2. Cythandra

    Some things in life are definitely worth the wait.

  3. Looks real good! :-)

  4. Can’t wait anymore!!!!!!! Paul ! Paul ! Paul ! :D :D :D

  5. minacheng25

    So great~~~~

  6. Well, we seem to have dwindled down to one line responses, folks!

    I think we all need some In Treatment as soon as possible…

    Calling Dr. Weston. STAT!


  7. One line is too little to describe,
    how it’s impossible to survive,
    weeks of waiting for In Treatment Three,
    without any news about Paul Weston to see.


    That was four lines…
    In Treatment and Paul Weston is on my mind every day.
    Sounds familiar?

  8. Wonder if Paul Weston gives sessions to obsessed “poets”…

  9. I forgot to mention that I like the Byrneholic teasers for IT3 much better than HBO’s own teaser. I suggest that HBO come to you folks, to learn what a good teaser is all about.

  10. sweetbud

    You so TOTALLY rule! Thanks!

  11. Glad you are all enjoying the Season Three teasers. I am working on another one, a bit more “subtle”…stay tuned! :-)

  12. I love both of them! too funny. Thx for making me laugh, have to get up early for day 3 of my 30 day yoga challenge. Night girlfirends!

  13. AnonymousPunchingBag


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