Shooting, that is. This very welcome news comes to us from an unexpected source. Samrat Chakrabarti, who is on Twitter as tweetSAMRAT, reports that he was on the set today. We don’t know much about his role yet, but his father in the series will be portrayed by Irrfan Khan, which clears up that mystery.

Samrat has been on American television before, in Law and Order and Damages, and he has appeared in many films. And he is also a composer! You can read more about him at his website and also on IMDB.

One of his tweets today warmed our hearts:

Byrne’s an incredibly generous actor who is present for everyone on set whether he is on or off camera.RT @chopinrocks123: IN TWEETMENT.

So, we look forward to hearing more about the shooting process from this new player in the In Treatment universe. Our wishes have been granted–IT3 has begun!

Dive in, Samrat! The In Treatment water is just fine.


  1. Thanks for sharing Stella.
    It is great to hear about this new actor in IT, and it is so nice to read that he describes Gabriel in such positive way. It must be great to work with Gabriel because he is both a talented actor and a kind person.

  2. Thanks for the news and pics, Stella.

    I agree with Nora, it must be a great job to be able to work with Mr. Byrne. It is exactly what I would expect to be said of him – incredibly generous and giving his all to his work and those he is working with.

    I am absolutely excited with this fantastic news – let the countdown begin!!

    And it looks like he will get along well with Gabriel – they both like the loose tie fashion!!

    Kris – USA

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