Previews, precaps, reviews, recaps, and good old-fashioned interviews from October 14 – October 30, most recent first.

Lots to read as Season Three continues to entrance us, so settle down in your favorite chair, grab a cuppa your favorite beverage, find your glasses, and get going! The next episode will be on before you know it! wink

Reading Assignment for IN TREATMENT Season Three, so far:

The asterisked (***) entries are really good, so be sure to give those a look.

Sean Paul Rasmussen, reviews and recommendations for the thinking person, writing from Ontario, Canada October 30: Therapy as Drama: HBO’s In Treatment Starts its Third Season

***Speakeasy blog at the Wall Street Journal October 29, transcript of conversation with Amy Chozick: Gabriel Byrne Opens Up: The “In Treatment” Star on Scripts, Psychotherapy and Being Irish

The Signal October 29: In Treatment Season Three: Week One, by R. Lackie

BlogCritics October 28:  TV Review: In Treatment: Season Three–The New Patients, by Kate Shea Kennon

***The Times of India October 28: Irrfan talks to TOI about working with Gabriel, his recent tryst with Ang Lee and more

Hollywood Hills October 27: In Treatment Week 1 recaps: Paul has his hands full

Irish Central October 26: Gabriel Byrne says happiness is over-rated

***Wall Street Journal October 26: Comfortable But Not Too Familiar: Gabriel Byrne talks about acting, By Amy Chozick

A Soft Voice in a Noisy World: making the best of a life with Parkinson’s disease Oct 26: Is HBO Making Early Onset Parkinson’s Disease A Prime Time Topic?

***Time: Tuned In October 25: Back In Treatment, by James Poniewozik

***TV Worth Watching October 25: HBO’s ‘In Treatment’: Lots of Changes, But Still Reliably Engrossing, by David Bianculli

New York Daily News October 25: In Treatment returns for its third season with Gabriel Byrne leading compelling cast of characters

Entertainment Weekly October 25: Ken Tucker’s TV: In Treatment season premiere review: Gabriel Byrne, Debra Winger, Amy Ryan, secrets, anger, and lies

***TV Squad October 25: In Treatment Season 3 Review: The Therapist will See You Now, by Maureen Ryan

Hollywood Chicago October 25: HBO’s ‘In Treatment’ With Gabriel Byrne Continues Display of Acting Excellence, by Brian Tallerico

Los Angeles Times October 25: TV Review: In Treatment, by Mary McNamara

PopMatters October 25: In Treatment Season Three Premiere, by Marisa Carroll

New York Post October 25: Latest Issues: In Treatment: Something old, something new, someone troubled, someone blue, by Linda Stasi

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Los Angeles Times October 25: Gabriel Byrne analyzes HBO’s In Treatment as Season 3 begins, by Melissa Maerz

The Baltimore Sun October 25: Z on TV, by David Zurawik: Superb drama: HBO’s In Treatment returns Monday

***New York Times October 24: The Doctor is Back in Session on HBO, by Alessandra Stanley

***New York Magazine October 24: All Ears: How Gabriel Byrne turns listening into elequence on HBO’s In Treatment, by Emily Nussbaum

***HitFix review October 24: What’s Alan Watching? by Alan Sepinwall: HBO’s In Treatment returns for season three October 24: Amy Ryan finds new challenge on HBO’s In Treatment, by Eric Deggens [This article is no longer available at the website]

***Salon October 23: In Treatment’s darkest season yet, by Heather Havrilesky (with recaps from subsequent episodes)

Jung At Heart, a blog about psychotherapy by Cheryl Fuller  October 22: In Treatment, Season 3 (includes recaps of subsequent episodes and LOTS of analysis!)

Victoria Advocate October 22: Acclaimed indie filmmaker breaks into Hollywood with HBO series

TV Guide October 22: Cheers & Jeers: Debra Winger Gets the VIP Treatment

Daemon’s TV October 21: In Treatment Season 3 First Look

***Wall Street Journal October 15: Make An Appointment, by Dorothy Rabinowitz


  1. I love this man , love to marry him.

  2. I am very happy to see that so many papers are writing about In Treatment and Gabriel. This wonderful tv series really deserves much attention and many viewers. I think that everybody has something to learn about how people think and react when they see In Treatment. I like IT3 just as much as IT1 and IT2.
    Thanks for sharing all those links Stella!

  3. Does anybody know how many episodes season 3 will have??

  4. it should be 7 weeks, so 28 eps.

  5. Just got my hands on In Treatment season 3. The plan is to watch all over the Christmas as i doubt will be venturing out in this Snowy weather. But hey have food and Gabriel what more would a girl want. Happy Christmas to all at Byrneholics And Gabe Fans.

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