We are here to fuel the fire of Season Three excitement. Although there has been little news of a formal nature, there has been lots of IT3 activity, as you will see!

Irrfan Khan is stressed out!

Irrfan Khan who is currently shooting Season 3 of the hugely-applauded American series In Treatment in New York with legendary Irish actor Gabriel Byrne, is going through the most stressful characterisation of his life.

Playing psychiatrist Bryne’s patient with a past, Irrfan has to reconstruct the man’s trauma on the couch. Speaking from New York, the discernibly stressed method actor says, “I’m not allowed to speak about my role at all. But the character I play has lost his wife. And I need to reconstruct my character’s trauma on the couch without moving out. There’s just me and my therapist, played by Byrne.”

Read more at The Times of India. Seems the two actors are bonding on and off the set and talking about Miller’s Crossing. Too cool!

We would be stressed out too, Mr. Khan, but for a very different reason…

Samrat Chakrabarti is excited!

Thank goodness for The Times of India. In this interview with Samrat, who plays Irrfan Khan’s son in the new season of In Treatment, we learn:

Do you play an Indian character?
The show itself is about the complexities of psychological therapy sessions between a doctor and his patients. In this season, I play Arun Sanyal. He is a Bengali man whose mother has recently passed away and whose father is going through some sort of an emotional crisis. Arun brings his father from Kolkata to live with him and his wife, Julia. Subsequently, there is some family friction. That’s the reason why Arun and his father go to see a therapist.

Weren’t you surprised that a television show abroad is now penning a Bengali character rather than a generic Indian one?
Yes, I was surprised and excited that there is so much specificity and research going into the characters. It’s nice that the makers are being specific and not just having ‘general’ Indian characters. Irrfan and I will have some Bengali dialogues too.

Gabriel Byrne has also won a Golden Globe for his performance in In Treatment in 2008. What are your expectations in terms of learning as an actor when you are part of a project that has him in the cast?
I’ve seen the show and he is unbelievably good in it. He brings a mysterious yet vulnerable quality to his character. I have been a fan of his acting since the Coen Brother’s Hollywood film, Miller’s Crossing. I feel honoured to be a part of such an esteemed cast. I’m sure I’ll learn a lot from the experience. I’ll soon meet Irrfan and Gabriel for our first rehearsal.

Apparently Gabriel Byrne, who is also executive producer of In Treatment this year, was very committed to having one story center on an immigrant to the United States. And so we have the genesis of this patient’s story line, a nice connection with the work Mr. Byrne is doing as the Cultural Ambassador for Ireland, which is also focused in part on the experience of leaving one’s home and starting a new life in a foreign world.

Samrat Chakrabarti

Alex Wolff is the latest!

The latest cast member to join In Treatment, that is. And the youngest, too. According to Deadline, Alex is set to play Paul Weston’s son, Max. Deadline calls his appearance an “arc,” so we expect to see a lot of this young man. You can read more about Alex and his brother Nat at their Instagram page and their Wikipedia page (!).

A chip off the old block? Alex Wolff in 2007

Adam Bradshaw is the luckiest guy in America!

Well, we think so, anyway. Adam is a radio/television/film senior at Rowan University in New Jersey. This summer, he is interning at the HBO studios in Brooklyn, on the set of In Treatment. Adam says:

I think the best experience so far was getting to shadow one of the best television directors out there, Paris Barclay, on set and sitting in a director’s chair behind him watching him at work as he directed an episode of the show…

OMG, Adam! You are a lucky, lucky guy. And what? You don’t take bribes? Aw, that’s too bad.

Read more at the Rowan U website.

A tiny Adam at the soundstage door

Exergian is Iconic. And Ironic!

Albert Exergian is a graphic designer and artist who also loves television. He must, because he has created an extensive collection of minimalist posters that capture, in 2-3 colors and very simple images, the essence of each show. His In Treatment poster is a great example. You can see more of these (and buy them, if you like!) at Print/Process. And you can read more about the artist and see other works at his website.

Favorites? Kojak. Monk. The Closer. Miami Vice. 24. This man is wicked. Enjoy!

Dr. Weston: I don’t know why, but I am the bright pink conversation balloon.
You must fill in the plain white one. Go on. I’m listening.

Thanks to Aragarna, Iamyuneek, and TwoMoons for the heads up on all this news!


  1. Very different reasons! Oh my. Those eyes, that stare, those lips……..

  2. omg im loving the news!!!!!

  3. Thanks for sharing IT3 news!
    It is exciting with all this new actors to work in IT3.
    But maybe Dr. Weston should have more female patients?
    What about one of us?
    Many of us have serious problems with a disease called
    Byrneholism. But do we want to be cured? No, not me…
    That would be a problem for Dr. Weston to dig deep into…

  4. Aragarna

    eh I saw this poster exhibition when I went to the TV series festival in Paris to see IT :-) that was really funny !

  5. Nora – I think that maybe you are correct. One of us should perhaps seek the aid of Dr. Weston. But the question is, would *he* recover? (wicked grin) Do they make a pill for this?

  6. Luv the minimalist IT poster!

  7. I think the poster looks a bit empty…

  8. Last week the magazine Veja, Brazil’s leading business magazine (as Time.USA) brought us information about Gabriel Byrne In Treatment.

  9. I love to see the performance of Gabriel Byrne. He has a lot of talent, also he is very intelligent, and he shows in his face entire interpretation. Often he, needless to say, just look at his eyes, his face says a lot of things. His eyes shows a mature and deep soul, just compare his eyes before and now. All the best for Gabriel Byrne.
    Patricia (Brazil)

  10. Musto Pelinkovicci

    Talk about a born talent… I just had the honor of working with Gabriel Byrne. What an amazing actor and human being. I was only booked to play background but have recently decided that even if it is background acting, if I am hired to act, I will act. And so I did. In such a big way that the camera froze on me, when it was only supposed to start on me and roll on to the principal actors. The director yelled cut, right at the beginning of the scene, asked everyone to step out from the set and shot me for about five minutes straight. The complements I received from Gabriel as he stepped out from the set and the day after, when I was talking to him were, OMG, how could you not love the, Such A Sweet Heart and Nobel Man!!

    Musto Pelinkovicci

    • Thanks for sharing this, Mr. Pelinkovicci! We would all love to be on the set with Gabriel Byrne. Actually, most of us would be happy just to bring him a cup of coffee now and then.

      I’ve visited your entry at the IMDB website, so I will know you when your scene comes up, I think.

      Congratulations on appearing in In Treatment, our favorite show. If there is anything else you can tell us about your experience, without spoiling anything, please do.

      Thanks again!

      • Musto Pelinkovicci

        Thank you Stella! Well, I hope that I didn’t come across as bragging in my previous comment, as my daughter suggested. It’s just that it was such an exciting and new experience for me. Traditionally, there is nothing exciting about doing background work. Such is the belief of almost all the actors who do background work. Background work is very important, however. It can be a very exciting and a rewarding experience, if taken seriously and done well. My experience working on ‘In Treatment’ is a perfect example of that. It’s doing the job. An ingredient that is always missing in everything that we see. It takes more than just Robert DeNiro to make a movie and, it’s really sad that we (the audience) are robbed of that ingredient. Not involving the background actors, that is. Just think about all the ingredients that it takes to make a great dish. There is a lot more than just pasta. Take a look at all the classic movies on TCM “THE FOUR STAR MOVIES”. WOW… When I see those movies, which is very often, it always makes me think how more stupid we have become when it comes to making movies. Fortunately, there are intelligent people and legendaries like Gabriel Byrne and his Director, who do see this. And, what an experience, working with them and working on, ‘In Treatment’! It was not working in a murder story that I’ve seen trillions of times in Law and Order, Investigation Discovery, Snapped, real life murder scenes etc… but, working in a real down to earth and never before seen story and dilemma that we are faced with, in our real and present lives. This is ‘IN TREATMENT’. I have never seen this show before but, I too am now a fan and, “CAN HARDLY WAIT TO SEE IT”.

        Stars, health, wealth and happiness to you all!!


        • Cythandra

          Mr. Pelinkovicci, It did not sound at all like bragging to me but a retelling of a very exciting and uplifting moment. Thank you for sharing that with us. I don’t tend to watch dramatic television because it’s mostly what I’ve seen before and not that different from the evening news. However, “In Treatment” is very different and nothing like I’ve seen before. Even though it winds up turning me into an emotional train wreck, I still watch it. The acting, the directing, the writing, it’s so very well done. It tells a great story. And you are correct, movies like “Gone With the Wind,” “The Quiet Man,” “Casablanca,” they will never make movies like this again, and it is indeed sad. It always a pleasure to watch the work of someone who cares about what it is they do. You, good sir, obviously fit that bill. Here’s to hoping this exciting moment leads to something more for you.


        • thanks a lot for sharing your experience with us all Mr Pelinkovicci. bragging ? or course not ! we’re so eager to learn as much as possible about In Treatment… so this is a real pleasure to get things “from the inside”, and to hear how great a guy is our dear Gabriel ;-)
          wish you the best for the future !

          • Mr. P., I’m going to watch “The Brave One” again and look for your Russian taxi-cab driver! :-)

            Thanks again for sharing with us. It is wonderful to have an inside peek at the new series!

            Best to you!

  11. Musto Pelinkovicci

    Thank you guys! That scene was cut out in editing, Stella. I did get the credit and paid for it, though. I am not in any recurring roles on any shows right now that I could direct your attention to but, I did play principal roles on some TV shows and have recently been featured on several things that I may soon be seen in. “Not a big deal”. For now, I am anxiously awaiting for ‘Motion Sicknesses, a feature film that is currently in post- production. It’s a psychological thriller in which I play “BUM” in. I am very excited about this film. It’s something that’s never been seen before. An amazing script, written by Samuel Kirstein. I even said during filming that he had to have been on some heavy sh–, when he wrote it. The script is that fascinating! Talk about a movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat?? No doubt in my mind that this is going to be one of them. Katie Biel (she truly is beautiful) and some other super models are in it, as well. Not so much myself but, there is an amazing cast in it. I MAY SOUND LIKE A RAVING MANEAC and, really don’t have time for all this but, being on the subject of everyone (including myself) craving for something different, from everything being, CIA, FBI, NYPD, LAPD, etc…, there is nothing to see! My wife and I have been complaining about this every night that we sit in front of the TV, for many years now. Oh, and by the way, I really am a very calm person but it is kinda frustrating, though. Especially when you travel all the way to the theater and pay $30 (popcorn included), only to find out that it’s just another CIA movie. It’s like, enough already, please!! lol…

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  13. Thanks for sharing and confirming what I think we all feel – that Mr. Byrne is a true gentle man and wonderful actor.

  14. twomoons

    Stella: Pretty cool for you (and us)that cast members are coming to this site! My heart bursts with pride for all that you, Yan and Lara have done over the past few years to honour Gabriel and his work. It is always so well done and tastefully handled.

    Mr. P: thanks for sharing your experiences. It really is so exciting to read every little tidbit when you love the man like some of us do. I read a quote today that sums him up: “Your legacy replaces your actual corpus, and stays on, enfolded, in this world.” Slowly, but surely, Gabriel is building his legacy.

  15. Thanks, Mr. P for telling us about your experience on In Treatment. I’ve done background work myself, and I know what you are talking about. It is very important to the finished piece. Here’ s hoping you get larger roles as well – it sounds like you are a very talented actor!

  16. Thank you all. You’re all so kind. Happy to have found this site.

  17. Anastasia

    Hi Alex, i ‘ m your fan!!! You are the best singer, actors and boy. I love you, remember me please!!!!?

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