First, a BIG Update is now available at the HBO In Treatment website, with lots of great pictures, information about Paul’s new patients and his new therapist, and a revised “Cast and Crew” page.

Definitely not the usual suspects, except for one, of course…

Of interest on the “Cast and Crew” page: Gabriel Byrne is not listed as Executive Producer, so we have to wait and see what that is all about.

There are two interesting tidbits:

Jhumpa Lahiri is listed as a consultant on the “Sunil” storyline. Ms. Lahiri won the Pulitzer Prize for her first story collection, The Interpreter of Maladies,  and her book The Namesake was the basis for the film of the same name, which starred Irrfan Khan. Oh, and she lives in Brooklyn! Stay tuned for more about writing In Treatment in a future posting.

And it appears Season Three will have 7 weeks, 4 episodes per week, for a total of 28 episodes. Yes, our shrink show is shrinking [nods to Aragarna and Kris (USA)], but the fact that it was written (from scratch! more on this later, as promised), acted, and produced in such a short time is probably a miracle, so we should be happy. Yes. Certainly. Well, maybe not, but some In Treatment is better than no In Treatment, as you well know!

Here is that “Molten Core” Patient Overview video again, just in case you are not tired of watching it yet!

And finally, no new wallpaper yet, but perhaps this print ad and these screencaps from the preview will tide you over for awhile…

In Treatment Season 3 ad, Vogue Magazine, November 2010

More news as it happens!


  1. I’m loving this

  2. Apologies for the state of the screencaps. I am working on a computer that is not my own! I’ll replace them later on with better versions.

  3. Thanks for another great update! I love how you report everything in details, it’s just great. You have a wonderful site here.

  4. This is very interesting.
    I hope that Gabriel will not be exhausted after making this new IT3 for us. But I am so glad that HBO and Gabriel give us more of In Treatment.
    It is so much to learn and to think about when we watch a series like this. I think I have learned a lot from watching IT1 and IT2. I have learned to look behind the surface and into the deep of the souls of other persons.

    • Yes Nora, I totally agree with you,when you say that learnt from watching seasons 1 and 2, and I think all of us will learn much more in the next IT3 surely.
      So, I’m really excited to watch Gabe once more as Dr. Paul Weston.
      (from Brazil)

  5. Cythandra

    I had two friends watch two different episodes of Season 1. Both of them were glued to the screen. When the episode was done I asked what they thought. My friend, Dawn, in her colorful way told me she was sucked in. My friend, Fred, wanted to know if he can get the show on Netflix. LOL. Two more converts.

  6. Saw the new first two episodes of in treatment, loved it

  7. I loved it, too. Powerful as ever. There were so many things I loved about the first episode in particular. How Paul was able to engage Sunil in conversation once his son and d-in-law left. How he offered him an ash tray. The exchange between Sunil and Paul about Paul’s birth place. I’ve already pre-ordered this season’s DVDs!

    • Awesome

      • How do you post on the Forum???

        OT here: Glad someone broached the subject ’cause I was gonna ask about the new GB and HK photos.

        Are they from Bring Your Daughter to Work Day?





        • hey Deb !
          we’d love to see you in the forum :-)
          you just need to go to the forum (link in the menu above) and register to see all the threads appear, very easy.
          see you there soon ;-)

        • cythandra


          Bring your daughter to work day? Nice! Very funny.

        • I must be way behind times. Who is Hannah K and what photos? Thanks for an update.

          • Hannah King is Gabriel’s current girlfriend. they appeared together at the British film festival.

  8. Where is Stella? Has she fallen out of love with Gabriel/Paul? He is very difficult to love this season so far. There is so little evidence of his kindness.

  9. I agree about that Paul is very different this season.
    He has so many problems in his life so he has not so much kindness to give.

  10. And I agree about Paul. He’s either guarded or angry this season so far.

    He doesn’t seem connected or vulnerable – not even to his son or girlfried. I miss these aspects of his character.

  11. I am back. I’ve removed a couple of postings regarding my personal situation–I appreciate your kind thoughts, but let’s talk about “me” in the Forum, ok? We should leave these comments on the main page for our main man, Gabriel Byrne!

    Stay tuned for some updates and news and thanks to everyone for their support. I really appreciate it. :-)

  12. Thank you Stella ! You are an amazing woman !! I admire so much your brilliant work ! So I admire Gabriel Byrne, this talented,smart,sensitive, charming and gorgeous man ! Thanks again !!

  13. Ur back, thank god, now let’s get the gb train going shall we?

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