UPDATED March 29: This just in from The Hollywood Reporter Asia [this article is no longer available at The Hollywood Reporter]:

…Meanwhile, Khan will join HBO series “In Treatment” as a regular this upcoming season for about ten episodes starring opposite Gabriel Byrne. Production begins in June in New York and Khanna said that Khan’s “role is being kept under wraps.”

A well-known face in Indian cinema with over 50 movies to his credit, Khan was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award for his role in Mira Nair’s “The Namesake.”

So, only 10 episodes? Perhaps Mr. Khan WILL be playing a patient after all. We will have to wait and see!


Patient One?

According to The Times of India, Irrfan Khan (Slumdog Millionaire, The Namesake) is coming to New York for the shooting of Season 3 of HBO’s In Treatment, which starts in April.

Irrfan was initially hesitant about confirming the news. “At the moment, all I can say is yes, I am doing American television for the first time. I will be in New York to shoot this series from April onwards. Incidentally, I started my career as an actor on Indian television and then moved to cinema. So it’s full circle for me,” he said.

Buzz is that Irrfan will play one of the central characters and his role requires considerable preparation. He will be seen in all the 43 episodes of the forthcoming season.


Patient Two?

Audition videos for another new patient, a gay teenager named “Jesse”, have popped up on YouTube. They will not be there for very long, so I am not embedding them here.

Casting call for “Jesse,” as posted on SpoilerTV :

[JESSE] MALE.. 16. A Brooklyn teenage hipster. Jesse is smart as a whip and king of the ironic deadpan. He’s got a mean case of attention deficit disorder, but he’d rather die then let you see him break a sweat. Inherently creative (already a skilled photographer) at times, he’s brightly animated, other times he’s close to comatose. He’s gay and proud of it. Also, he’s adopted…and underneath all the bravado and teenage social armor, he struggles deeply with questions of his own identity…

Stay tuned for more In Treatment news, including screencaps from previous seasons and the new HBO website!


  1. Wow, wow, wow, and wow. I’m getting so excited about all of this.

  2. This i really interesting news. It sounds great in my ears.
    I am really looking forward to see Paul in sessions with these new male patients!

    • Nora, I am not quite sure that the Irrfan Khan role is going to be as a patient, which is why I put a question mark on the title. ;-) If he is indeed appearing in each of the episodes, he will probably be something else–a colleague, a fellow practitioner, or who knows? Anyway, it is exciting to see news about filming of the series now and we’ll get you the latest info as soon as more is available!

  3. AngelofLight

    I thought we were done with Intreatment at season 2. Totally surprised it is going to continue but…ok!

    • Angel, you will see Related Posts up at the top of this page. You can read all about In Treatment being renewed for a Third Season. Yay!

  4. There’s quite a lot of speculation beginning to build up about what is happening to the format of the show (is it going to nine weeks now? for example) and the characters … will Paul still be the central character? Will he be in every episode?

    The questions have caught me off guard, as I had simply assumed – perhaps naively – that Gabriel would still be in every episode and he would still play the central character.

    I’m trying not to feel too nervous now.

  5. yeah…. I hope this guy won’t have too much screen time (as compare to Gabriel) because, ok he is a good actor, but definitely not as yummy as Gabriel !

  6. I agree 100% with you Aragarna!

  7. -gossip about the casting means the project is up and running (which is great news!!)

    -I’m glad to see an Indian connection added to In Treatment. After all, GB’s last girlfriend was of Indian-origin too(Anna George)..

    -Irrfan is known to be a very talented actor here in India. Well-respected for his off-beat roles.Though he is never in girls’ “crush-list” because of his unconventional looks, to tell the truth.It will also be interesting to see how he gets around the very strong “Indian accent”.He is not seen as an embodiment of an “urban-Indian-male”, so I would love to see how he fits as an American.I am sure, however , that he will do justice to his part(whatever it may be).

    – I am glad there will be 43 episodes of awesomeness, unlike the 30-some episodes we had in season 2.

    Thanks for keeping us updated Stella :)
    I have already got an unlimited download connection in anticipation of Season 3!!

    • Divya! Glad to see you here again!

      I love Irrfan Khan. He was SO good in The Namesake and I’ve seen several of his other films. He is unconventional, in his looks, as you say, and also in his choice of material, and I’m sure he will bring a lot to the show. He has a gravitas to equal Mr. Byrne’s–it will be interesting to see these two on the screen together!

      Lara and I (and Yan and Lozzie and all the rest of the merry crew) are doing our best to find info on the new season. Stay tuned! :-)

  8. Keep these audition tapes coming. These are so friggin cool. Thanks, Lara.

    • I do not mean, the Indian actor is not good. I mean that the whole drama will be very different if Mr Byrne is eg only a supervisor once a week, or something like that. This news give me an idea that the main character will not be Mr Byrne. I am sure the audience will be different from the earlier one, as least I shall not be interested in it anymore. Hope, I am wrong.

  9. Maybe he will be Watson to Gabe’s Holmes, so to speak, that would be cool!

  10. Divya are Gabriel and Anna finished. I often wondered were they still an item. As for season 3 thats great cant wait. But have to see season 2 yet. we’ve only had the pleasure of season 1 so far. 3e so far havent announced when 2 will start. Must admit getting a bit anxious not a word about it.

  11. @ Karen
    Hi :) Sorry to disappoint you but I have no clue whether Anna and Gabe are together. I am sure Stella/Lozzie/other diehard Byrneholics would be in a better position to throw light on that subject. Though for Gabe’s sake I hope he is happy, in a relationship/not.

    @Stella I would love to drop by more often. Sadly a little pressed for time :( However, I love the forums and the updates as much as ever even now, whenever I visit.

    Your ardent fan,

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