Lara and I have taken the website to the next level. Yay!

But what does this mean? Besides the beautiful new dark blue template and the lovely new banner gracing the top of the main page (all thanks to Lara!), we have implemented lots of features to make your visit here more appealing and to help you find stuff faster (always a good thing on websites), including:

  • New Gallery, which has a slicker slideshow feature, and random folder icons, which means every time you visit the gallery it will look different!
  • Image slider box in the homepage to reveal the most important posts in a fun way
  • Categories and Tags for postings, designed to help you find postings on particular topics along with related postings, all with one click
  • Search Box for–you guessed it–searching across the website, you will find it at the bottom of each page across the entire website
  • Fan Section, for sharing  your creative work, including our favorite Youtube videos and wallpapers
  • More content, especially in the Gallery, where batch uploading is now possible, so tons of pics can be posted quickly, keep checking back!
  • Gravatars, to help you identify yourself on the Byrneholics site, as well as other sites, such as Blogger and LiveJournal. Visit the Gravatar site to get yours now!

As the new Co-Administrator, Lara brought her ideas for improving the site to me with just one thought in mind: we need to make all of the amazing content, shared by Byrneholics everywhere, easily available for everyone. Byrneholics 4.0 is the result, thanks to Lara’s mad skillz and my desire to make this place the best it can be, for Mr. Byrne and for our international community of devoted fans.

Is it done yet? No. The homepage is in great shape and most of the recent postings are good to go, but the older postings and new pages still need work and they are getting some attention, but it will take time to bring them all up-to-date. The New Gallery has lots of great stuff in it, but not everything yet.

So, please enjoy what we have accomplished so far and know that the rest is on the way. You can comment in the main site with your new Gravatar (!) or in the Forum, which remains just as it was.

Many thanks for your support and especially to Lara, the young geek, from this old geek,

Stella smile


  1. Congratulations!!!
    It looks amazing, I cant wait to explore it more torrowly.

    Well done, Stella and Lara

  2. It’s incredible!
    I have no words to express my surprise: it’s really a wonder!
    Many thanks to Lara and Stella.

  3. I had been caught up in other things the last few weeks n could nt visit
    This has been such a wonderful surprise!!
    Love the new look n functionalities!! :D

  4. I am absolutely delighted with this.

  5. You guys did a tremendous job. Just love it!

  6. Stephanie

    Great job Stella and Lara !!!
    Congratulations and thank you very much.
    You should be proud of this work.

  7. Spaceman Spiff

    I don’t participate a lot on the forum but I consult the site every day.
    And just one word : wonderful
    Great great job for this new site.
    I’ll spend the evening to visit all …



  8. Great idea to include the claddagh ring right up there ;-)

  9. Congratulations with the new design and constructions.
    It looks great! :)

  10. Still trying to wrangle my new gravatar. I’ll get there soon, I hope!

  11. sweetbud

    Wow, so mooch to be explored. YOu DO so mooch fer us. One tiny thing…I LOVED the bight blue of the old site. Like being in the sky! Any chance for something brighter?

    • Glad you like the new site, sweetbud. We are going to stick with the dark blue background for awhile and spend our energy on adding more content to the site. At some point in the future, I’m sure we can revisit this, though.

      I have to tell you: on my husband’s 35″ flat screen TV that he uses for a computer monitor, the lucky guy, the dark blue swirls and the Claddagh ring at the top look fantastic! Now, if we all could have such screens…. ;-)

  12. hey stella nice work i love your site and i always watch it i love him too my english is not good but i think you have some of his films can you give the site of these films ? tanx

  13. “Sorry but this board is currently unavailable.” :-(
    heeelp ! please someone tells me what’s going on… I hope it’s nothing serious :S

  14. Every day this site is a surprise. A delightful surprise.
    And I find myself to spend hours to discover new wonders.

    I don’t know if sometime Mr. Byrne looks at this site.
    I think he could be pride of this work about his work (sorry my play on words).

    Stella and Lara, thank a lot for your great work.

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