One of the features we wanted to provide is the opportunity to bring older material to the forefront. It is easy for articles and interviews to get lost in the shuffle, when Byrne-ing news is on everyone’s mind, such as In Treatment, Season Three!

These gems also deserve attention. With the new site’s capabilities, we will be bringing them out for a spin now and then in the new Press Archive, a part of the Gallery.

The first article to be showcased is this picture spread from the September 1990 issue of GQ, provided by the incomparable CorFidele, who apparently has an endless supply of these goodies.

Here you will find Gabriel Byrne at his most playful, handsome, and apparently having a great time. The bike pic is a classic. Oh, no. I feel a wallpaper may be in order!

Enjoy this and keep your eyes peeled for more!

The classic


  1. Where can we READ this article?

  2. Twomoons, click on the blue-coloured link that says “September 1990 issue of GQ” and it will take you directly to the scans of the article.

    Not to be confused with the British GQ magazine article from July 1993, of course :-D

  3. Twomoons, thanks for your interest!

    I’m still working on a solution to improve readability of scanned articles on our new gallery here. ;)

  4. thanks….S

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