As you can see, we are “Under Construction!” The new version of the website will be ready in a day or two.

We hope to go live with it on Monday or Tuesday. Until then, things here may look and act a bit odd. smile

Not to worry. The new site is really cool and the Forum is completely unaffected, so visit there and hang out until we are done.

Thanks for your support!

UPDATE February 2: We are pushing our go-live date for the new site to this weekend. We’ve hit a snag and the fix is on the way.

Your patience is appreciated, of course! Hang on. The new site is going to be worth the wait. THANKS!



  1. Stephanie

    Good work Lara and Stella !!!

  2. Thanks, Steph! It is taking longer than Lara and I imagined it would, but the end result is going to be great. This weekend, we hope! Thanks for all positive vibes sent in our general direction. :-)

  3. Aragarna

    this is a test

  4. Aragarna

    this is a test ?

  5. Aragarna

    oh it worked :D

  6. Hang in there guys!! I’m sure it will be more than worth the wait. You have never disappointed us yet…..and I’m sure you won’t now. So just take your time to get it to your satisfaction before you roll it out.


    P.S. – If we want a hurry-up job we can just visit HBO and see a real tragedy of something just thrown out there to say they implemented “a new and improved” site…….5th graders could have done better!

    Just sayin’…………..

  7. Well, thanks, Kris! I do love all the pretty and HUGE pictures at the new HBO site but their forum–ah, well. It’s a shame. We’ve had our own forum problems, I must say, but we’ve come back pretty strong. ;-)

    Aragarna–yes, your test worked. Yay!

  8. Aragarna

    their huge pictures are really nice. but it’s really frustrating that they can’t be saved ! I hate those new websites…

  9. Just wondering if my new gravatar is enabled yet.

  10. Aragarna

    it seems it’s not Lozzie…

    hmmm by the way… not that I want you to feel pushed but just to know… because we’re “this weekend” now… so does this mean saturday or sunday ? morning or evening ? European or US time ?
    it’s like for little kids. “how many sleep before Chrismas, Mum ?” ;-)

  11. Ara, we’re good to go tonight (Saturday, GMT)! ;)

  12. oh that’s great :D
    thanks a lot Lara !

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