Craic Festival

According to the Tribeca Cinemas newsletter, the 12th Annual Craic Festival runs March 11-13 and includes a showing of Gabriel Byrne: Stories From Home on Friday, March 12, at 7:00 pm.


Friday and Saturday night after-parties will feature special guest DJ’s from 9pm- 12am, and complimentary beer & whiskey. Admission to parties is free with purchase of movie ticket. Don’t miss this year’s Kids Fleadh, Sat March 13th from 11am – 1pm, with a collection of short films and treats for kids! Tickets can be purchased at, on sale now!

The festival’s website does not have much available yet, but they are on Twitter. Here is a great chance to see the documentary in New York. Run, don’t walk, to your computer and order those tickets now!

At Swim-Two-Birds

Flann O’Brien’s “true masterpiece of Irish literature,” At Swim-Two-Birds, is being offered in a stage production for one night only!

Following on from their acclaimed production of Flann O’Brien’s The Third Policeman, Blue Raincoat Theatre Company present Flann O’Brien’s masterpiece, At Swim Two Birds at Backstage Theatre on Saturday February 13 next.

These lucky stage-goers will get to see what all the fuss is about before the film is made and released. What a great way to whet the appetite.

Hotter Over Fifties (HOFS)

As though we don’t have enough acronyms for MH, here is another one. The Independent notes in a February 4 article, “The irresistible rise of the Hotter Over Fifties,” that “the era of the floppy-haired metrosexual is finally over.” Well, thank the gods! Heading the pack is Alec Baldwin (agreed!) and, closer to home (and our hearts), is our own Gabriel Byrne:

Closer to home, Gabriel Byrne is cut from similar cloth. The Dublin-born actor was recently hailed as one of the sexiest celebrities over 50 by Entertainment Weekly. He’s also one of the hottest stars on TV, wowing critics with his role as therapist Dr Paul Westen in HBO’s In Treatment. He gives a gritty performance that draws on a well of experience in a life where he has battled abuse, addiction and depression to get to where he is today. And when you put his wry smile and knowing eyes alongside the vacuous good looks of Zac Efron or the Jonas brothers, it’s not hard to choose who you’d rather spend a night out on the town with.

We obviously could NOT AGREE MORE.



  1. Laura Byrne

    Just ordered my tickets for “Stories from Home” on March 12 in tribeca. Thanks so much for the heads up. The site is great!

  2. Laura, I love your name! ;-)

    Glad you are able to see SFH on the big screen. You are so lucky!

    Please post here with your reactions and tell us all what the night was like, ok? It would be so great if GB made an appearance and—-

    Sorry. Just fainted. Anyway, enjoy the new site and thanks for stopping by!

  3. I just returned home to NYC after being overseas for a few days and saw the new “amazing” site – it’s fabulous! I cannot believe SFH is finally being showns here! Went straight to the website and ordered my tickets. What would I do without my amazing fellow Byrneholic fans to keep me up to date – THANK YOU! Tina.

    • Thanks, Tina. Glad you like the new site. Let us know what you think of the film, ok? Some of your fellow Byrneholics have seen it, but mostly on the tiny screen. A report on the big screen experience would be great! Have fun!

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