Updated September 2: The audio for the RTE Radio Program remembering Mick Lally has been added to the end of this posting.

Forgot to mention: Paris Barclay, In Treatment Director Extraordinaire, received an Emmy nod for an episode of Glee. In this article, the interviewer notes:

Speaking of gay characters, Paris tells me that when In Treatment returns to the air on Oct. 25, one of psychologist Gabriel Byrne’s clients will be a 16-year-old gay kid!

“The story is unbelievable,” he said.

In Treatment news of all shapes and sizes is on offer in this round of the Byrne-ing News. And we end on a sad note, with a sonnet read by Mr. Byrne in honor of a friend recently lost.

1.  In IT3 news, Gabriel Byrne was spotted in Park Slope, a neighborhood in Brooklyn, late last week as filming for Season Three of In Treatment continues. Twitter was all a-twitter about it!

they’re filming “in treatment” in park slope right now and using GIANT lights to make the street look like daytime or late afternoon. crazy.
about 2 hours ago via web

around the corner from my house- wish i lived on this block instead wink RT @chickfoxgrover Shooting “In Treatment” http://yfrog.com/5ix3sgj
about 2 hours ago via web

“In Treatment’ is shooting on our block tonight. I guess our street looks like a shrink’s office.
about 3 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone

Just spotted Gabriel Byrne heading to set for In Treatment in Park Slope!
about 5 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry

Now In Treatment filming on my st. Maybe Gabriel Byrne will hold the door 4 me?
about 6 hours ago via txt

Thanks to Kris (USA) for providing the Twitter record!

We are desperate for Season 3 pics, aren’t we?

2. Actor Musto Pelinkovicci recently appeared in an episode of Season Three of In Treatment. He has provided several comments here at Byrneholics and we really appreciate his enthusiasm for the show and for Mr. Byrne! It is very kind of him to share his experience with us. You can read his comments at this posting.

3. Now Hear This! HBO will begin showing In Treatment Season 1 via On Demand on September 7. And HBO Signature will offer In Treatment Season 1 and part of Season 2 starting on September 16. That is all. Heck, that is enough!

4. Just in case it may have slipped your mind (not likely!), the DVD for Season 2 of In Treatment will hit the streets in the US on October 12.

Need to catch up before Season 3 begins? Here is your chance! HBO is devilish, we know.

5. Mick Lally, an actor beloved in Ireland, passed away unexpectedly this week. His death brought an outpouring of praise, appreciation, and recollection from friends and colleagues near and far. Gabriel Byrne called into the RTE One Radio show today to share his thoughts. Gabriel’s part starts at 39:00.

radio program

And here is the audio of the sonnet Gabriel read in honor of his friend, with whom he worked in the early days, in Bracken.

The sonnet

The text of Shakespeare’s Sonnet #30 includes a line put to good use by another famous writer (it is the title of his semi-autobiographical–and long!–novel).

Mick Lally inspired so many. Richard Pine’s obituary for Mr. Lally in The Guardian is a must read. About this “vital presence,” Garry Hynes says:

Mick always had a new book, poem, music or something he had read in the paper to share with you. He was a good and cultured man. I’ll miss him to the end of my days.

Mick Lally, actor
1945 – 2010

Thanks to TwoMoons for the alert on the radio program and to Aragarna for technical assistance!


  1. Based on your picture above of the season 3 shoot in Park Slope and some other information I got from a Google Gabriel Byrne alert, I was able to pinpoint the address of the brownstone they’re using as Paul’s home/office for In Treatment. It’s 229 Garfield Place, Brooklyn, NY. If you do a search on Google maps for this address, zoom in as close as possible and then use the “little man” to get a street view at the corner of Garfield Place and Polhemus Place, you’ll see the brownstone. Compare it to the picture of the brownstone on this page. They’re the same. I think they probably shoot exterior shots as they wrap up filming, so the IT cast and crew would only be there for a few days each season. For IT fans, the brownstone would be an interesting place to visit if they’re in NY.

  2. I had not heard about Mick Lally before, but when I read about him I understand that he was a very special person. When I hear Gabriel read the Shakespare sonnet in his memory it makes a deep and strong impression on me. It is not difficult to hear from Gabriel’s voice that Lally meant something very special for him.

  3. They worked together on Bracken which is where Gabriel started his career in acting. The following write up was in yesterdays Irish Daily mail newspaper.( This is only part of it ) The headline was GABRIEL BYRNE LEADS TRIBUTES TO A TRUE ACTING LEGEND.
    Yesterday Gabriel Byrne who started out with Lally on Bracken, remembered their lasting friendship. The pair had met just months ago when the Dubliner returned home to celebrate his birthday, with Lally singing a song as Gaeilge for the occasion. BYRNE said: I am glad we had that day because i didnt know that was the last time i was going to see him. It sounds like banality to say that Mick Lally was one of the most decent people I have ever met in my life. He was just a tremendously good man full of care and humanity. I think it must be a dreadful day for his wife Peggy, and his family.

    I just watched highlights of the funeral on the news here sadly Gabriel was not in attendance. Due i suppose to his busy schedule. The birthday they referred to must have being Gabriels 60th.

  4. Desperate for in treatment 3

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