UPDATED August 3 with more news about the Eugene O’Neill Lifetime Achievement Award. See below!

UPDATED with additional info and pictures from last year’s Irish American Writers and Artists event. Thanks to Lara for the pics and to Kris (USA) for the reminder!

It’s Byrne-ing hot this summer!

In Treatment Season 3

Costumes: it appears that Dr. Paul Weston may be cutting a somewhat more dashing figure than usual in the new season of In Treatment. Famed designer Domenico Vacca is the new fashion expert on the set and we can expect the good doctor to benefit from Mr. Vacca’s great sense of style. As soon as anything becomes available picture-wise from the new season, you will see that here ASAP!

Bravo, Domenico! Remember: we love the white shirt

Awards: an episode from Season 2 of In Treatment is a finalist for The Humanitas Prize.

The HUMANITAS Prize was created in 1974 to celebrate television programs which affirm the dignity of the human person, explore the meaning of life, enlighten the use of human freedom and reveal to each person our common humanity.

In the “60 Minute Category,” In Treatment is a finalist for “Walter-Week Six,” written by Warren Leight. The awards luncheon is scheduled for September 16 in Beverly Hills.

Thank you! No, thank YOU!

A Touch of O’Neill–More News August 3!

UPDATE: A new press release at PRLog.org, August 3, 2010:

The two preeminent modern-day interpreters of the work of Eugene O’Neill – actors Brian Dennehy and Gabriel Byrne – will make an unprecedented appearance together to honor the memory of the only American playwright to ever win the Nobel Prize. The occasion is the presenting of the Eugene O’Neill Lifetime Achievement Award to Dennehy by the non-profit group Irish American Writers & Artists, Inc. (IAW&A).

Among his many accomplishments, Dennehy won a Tony Award for his performance in O’Neill’s Long Days Journey into Night.

Byrne, who has starred on Broadway in the O’Neill plays A Moon for the Misbegotten and A Touch of the Poet, will be a featured speaker at the event in honor of Dennehy. He will also pay tribute to the enduring legacy of O’Neill, whose plays are still staged in theaters around the globe and in many languages fifty-seven years after his death…

As noted below, the big night is October 18. For information on tickets for the event visit the IAW&A website or call 646-320-5595.

Kudos to both gentlemen!

Where will Gabriel Byrne be in October, while we are all glued to our screens taking in the third season of In Treatment? Well, one place we know he will be is the annual celebration of the Irish American Writers and Artists , which will be presenting Brian Dennehy with its Eugene O’Neill Lifetime Achievement Award this year. According to their website:

The award will be presented Monday, October 18, 2010 at a reception and ceremony to be held in New York City at Rosie O’Grady’s in Times Square, just two blocks from where Eugene O’Neill was born.

Read more about Brian Dennehy and the award. One of his great films from the past is The Belly of an Architect, directed by Peter Greenaway. His work on stage for the past decade or so has been highly praised and one of his most recent excursions on the boards was in Krapp’s Last Tape, by Samuel Beckett.

An actor in the O’Neill tradition

Honoree William Kennedy and his wife Dana, with Gabriel smiling
over their shoulders, at the 2009 festivities

Gabriel Byrne and author/organization co-director Mary Pat Kelly,
who is smiling for both of them

The Movies

Reviews are coming in for Gabriel’s latest film, Perrier’s Bounty. Mr. Byrne provides the voice of the Grim Reaper and, by all accounts, he is both grim and funny! The film is making the festival rounds now. The cast includes the usual Irish suspects: Brendan Gleeson, Cillian Murphy, Liam Cunningham, and Gabriel, with Jim Broadbent thrown in for good (actually great) measure. Check out the trailer!

“In case you hadn’t noticed, we’re in deepest peril!”

Stuff to Read

A PDF transcript of Gabriel Byrne’s speech at the Gateway Ireland event in May is now available. This is an unofficial transcript provided by Stella. And tough work it was, too, having to listen to that great voice for hours and hours, trying to catch every word and nuance of this remarkable speech. Um, not really very tough at all. Enjoy and don’t forget to watch the video as well!


  1. Thanks for all the different news Stella.
    And especially a big thank you for your transcript of Gabriel’s speech at Gateway Ireland. It was really a heartfelt and moving speech he gave there. I have not heard about the Irish movie Perrier’s Bounty before. Hope it will be released in Norway too. Sounds like an entertaining movie. Brian Dennehy I have seen in movies, and I have always liked his perfomance. I have him on DVD in a movie with Robert Redford and Debra Winger: Legal Eagles. That is an entertaining movie.

  2. Cythandra

    Hmmm, I have to be back in New York for a meeting in October. Not sure when it is yet. I also like Brian Dennehy. I met his daughter, Elizabeth, and she’s a really nice person.

    • Elizabeth Dennehy played Shelby in the great two-parter about the Borg in Star Trek: The Next Generation. She was brilliant! I’ll always remember her for that role.

      • Cythandra

        Yes, I had the nickname Shelby from my friends. Actually, there are a few still call me that. I had this button on that said I am Shelby, you are in my way. I wound up giving it to her. LOL She was wicked funny. She’s good friend with Michelle Forbes.

        • Yes, Shelby definitely did not start out as a team player and I loved her for it. Really altered the dynamic/tone of those two episodes–but she came around, too, by the end and that was good. She was a real linebacker. Great stuff!

  3. Thanks for gathering all the news on the home page, Stella!

    It is nice to see that Gabriel is on the Board of Advisors for the Irish American Writers & Artists – but not surprising knowing how active he is in promoting Ireland.

    Good Luck to HBO/In Treatment – and especially “Paul and Walter” – to win The HUMANITAS Prize when it is presented at the awards luncheon on September 16.

    Somehow I am not surprised that Gabriel has played a priest, the devil, and now voices the Grim Reaper. He is certainly the well-rounded actor!! And don’t we just love his versatility…….

    About those IT Season 3 pictures of Dr. Weston dressed by Domenico Vacca – Hurry Up Already HBO!! It is time to be teasing us with Byrning Anticipation for October – let’s get it ON!!! NOW!!!!

    Kris (USA)

    • Cythandra

      I second that on the season 3 pics. Why do I have a sudden THUD feeling?

    • Thanks, Kris, for alerting me to those lovely pictures from last year’s Irish American Writers and Artists event! I forgot all about them, but they are loaded up now.

  4. I am always happy to share the Byrne-ing News with everyone. It is rather quiet on the Byrne front at the moment, but we know he and his team are all cooped up in their “sweatbox of the arts” (anyone who can identify that quote wins a free wallpaper from me! :-)) making great things happen STYLISHLY, thanks to Mr. Vacca!

    And the THUDS will begin shortly, I am sure. As soon as anything at all pops up in the pic arena, you will see it here!

  5. Thanks for sharing the news, Stella.
    I actually met Brian Dennehy in Puerto Vallarta,Mexico in 1998. It was my husband who recognized him,I didnt know who he was at the time.
    He sat by the poole,drinking…. And he was very polite and nice to talk too.

    Hmm, but I must admit that I rather had met Gabriel by the poole….blush blush!!!!!

  6. Cythandra

    Okay, Diba, thanks for putting the thought of him in a bathing suit in my head. Ouch, ohhhh, mmmmmmm….. [sigh]

  7. Gabriel and Brian Dennehy starred in Assault on Precinct 13 together. They both played baddies.

  8. I admire Gabriel for all his work in different areas, as most of us do.
    I hope he will allow himself a good vacation this year, so that he will not be exhausted by all his work, and especially IT3. But I must admit I am really looking forward to see IT3. Just hope I can see it in Norway this year.

    • You are right, Nora–a vacation is in order! That’s why I put him on the beach in the picture for this posting. :-)

      You know, IT3 is only two months away now…Can we wait!? Yes, we can!

  9. iamyuneek

    Splendor in the Grass :-)

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