Here is the video of Gabriel’s Gala Speech (added November 15, 2014 with thanks to Sarah R.)!

Updated October 19

From Irish Central:

Award-winning actor Liam Neeson and Ireland’s Cultural Ambassador Gabriel Byrne, presented Riverdance composer, Bill Whelan with the Spirit of Ireland Award, at the 12th annual Irish Arts Center Gala, in New York on Friday night…

Liam Neeson, Denise and Bill Whelan, Christine Quinn and Gabriel Byrne
Photo by Erin Baiano

Thanks to the Irish Arts Center of New York for the picture and the video!

July 27

Honorary Co-Chairs

Gabriel Byrne and Liam Neeson

Invite you to
Save the Date

Irish Arts Center
Spirit of Ireland Gala
Friday, October 14

New York Athletic Club
180 Central Park South
New York, NY

For more event information, or to buy tickets, please call Carly Goettel at 212.757.3318 ext. 212 or

Stay tuned for more details at the Irish Arts Center Facebook page.

Many thanks to Kris (USA) for the alert!


  1. That’s very kind but having checked my extremely busy (Ha Ha) social calender I’m afraid I’ll have to decline. The fact I live in the UK and the States is a bit far to travel for a night out is irrelevant LOL!!

  2. Rochelle, I sure wish I knew where/how to write to Gabriel Byrne too!

  3. Krisb, not sure if it is still good but the address used to be:
    Gabriel Byrne
    c/o Paradigm
    360 Park Ave South
    New York, NY 10010

  4. Will be in Seatle on that very day. Too bad :(
    Persona from France.

  5. My wife and I attended over a dozen various galas in NYC in 2010 / This was one of our favorites / Mr Byrne and Mr Neeson were gracious hosts of lasts years event and made themselves easily accessible to all who attended

  6. Great video!
    The speech is full of intelligence and humour and the guy that is listening is like Dr. Weston that has just forgotten that he should not show his feelings when he is listening to somebody….

    Love Irish artists, and Irish men!

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