Updated June 28

Finally, here are my favorite pictures from the Ball. Many more pictures have been provided very kindly by the  GOAL Ball Paris Flickr stream. Thank you, GOAL!

Surrounded by women. As usual.

Then surrounded by men!

Finally, all on his own.

The hands of Gabriel Byrne

And the bread of Gabriel Byrne

More pictures from the Ball are available in the Gallery!

Updated June 20

While we wait for pictures of the event to be posted at the official website, here is a (shaky) video of Gabriel Byrne’s remarks. Thanks to Stephanie for the heads up on this!

Roving Reporter Ara had a chance to meet Mr. Byrne! For more on that, head over to the Forum.

Time to dust off the top hat and get the tux out of mothballs!

The GOAL Paris Ball is Saturday night, June 18, at the Centre Culturel Irlandais in Paris. Ooo la la!

Please note: the event is sold out, just in case anyone was seriously considering catching a plane.

Guest of honour – Gabriel Byrne

Internationally renowned, award-winning actor, Gabriel Byrne is this year’s Guest of Honour thanks to Aer Lingus. Join him on the red carpet leading to a gala evening of entertainment in the specially erected marquee in the courtyard of the Centre Culturel Irlandais.

The Paris GOAL Ball committee is honoured to be welcoming Gabriel Byrne to Paris for this year’s Ball…

In 2010, the Irish Government appointed Gabriel Byrne as Cultural Ambassador for Ireland with the then Taoiseach, Brian Cowen, commenting:

“Gabriel Byrne is an internationally renowned, award-winning actor and is already well established as one of Ireland’s great ambassadors through his work in film and theatre, as well as his endeavors behind the scenes in supporting and promoting Irish artists”.

This is sure to be an evening to remember!

And be sure to give Paddy Sherlock and the Swingin’ Lovers, the headliners at the Ball, a listen!

More about GOAL

GOAL is an international humanitarian agency dedicated to alleviating the suffering of the poorest of the poor. We are a non-denominational, non-governmental and non-political organisation.

Our history:

GOAL was founded in Dublin in 1977 by former sports journalist and Chief Executive, John O’Shea.

Since its inception, GOAL has spent in excess of €720 million on humanitarian programmes in more than 50 countries. Over 2,300 GOALies and many thousands of local staff have worked in the developing world on GOAL’s behalf and the organisation has responded to every major humanitarian disaster since 1977.



  1. Aragarna, will you be in Paris on Saturday?…
    Or anyone else?

    • That reminds me! I am supposed to make an official Byrneholics Press Pass for Ara. OK. I’m on it! ;-)

    • OMG ! I’m so busy I almost forgot ! Yes I’ll be in Paris tomorrow. Cannot garanty that I’ll go though. I don’t have a ticket anyway. Yet, I might wander around the lovely district… ;-)

      • Aragarna…..is that you in the blue dress???????
        You are beautiful………….prettiest girl at the Ball. LOVE the photo of you and Gabriel. OMG…I would’ve had a stroke or something. YOU GO!!!

        • LOL Deb ! No it’s not me. I didn’t have access to the party. But I do have my picture with Gabriel :-)

          • Oh boo….I so wanted that to be you. Yeah, I was wondering how the heck you got in there. PLEASE post the photo of you and my husband….am dyin’ to see!!! I am SO jealous (in a good way).

          • Sorry, I won’t post that picture publicly.

  2. Aragarna went there and she met him!
    Lucky girl!

  3. Fantastic photos of Gabriel from the event. He looks absolutely stunning. (I guess Stella will post the photos here later.)

  4. i guess he only loves the crust… lol

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