1. Gabriel is a very busy man nowadays.
    It is a great time for all Byrneholics to read and listen to all his activities. Thanks to Stella for all your work now. Gabriel is an ambassador for Ireland, but Stella is surely an ambassador for Gabriel. Not that he need anyone to explain to us that he is a great man, but we really needs Byrneholics to inform us about all his work, and organize it for us. Thanks!!

  2. This just keeps getting better and better

  3. Joining Orla in the Green Room tonight…actor Gabriel Byrne talks about Imagine Ireland which he launched in New York this week and his relationship with the late actor Pete Postlethwaite. What happens when TV soaps go too far? Mark Logue author of ‘The King’s Speech’ book talks about his grandfather Lionel Logue – the Kings speech therapist. Also, interviews with some of the creative masterminds behind animation blockbusters such as Up and Toy Story. Egypt’s Indiana Jones and live music with Windings.

    The words above is from the radio station.
    Nice to see that Gabriel will talk about Postlethwaite. Stella
    has already informed us about the connections betwee these two
    actors, and it will be nice to hear Gabriel talk about him.

  4. Just listened to him on the Irish radio. Had to wait one hour before it was his turn. He said many fine things, as usual. About art and life. He said life is a question of balancing and that a person is more than his career.
    He said that every community should look to art in difficult times because it can provide optimism to young people.

    He said really nice things about Pete P. That he was humble, gentle, sensitive and a great actor.

    (I cant write more now, it is after midnight in Norway and I must sleep before work.)

    Hope you also heard him talk girls.
    He really have thought about important things in life, and he is so good to express himself so it hits our brains and our hearts.

  5. Once more, Mr Byrne represented well his Ireland; his speech was just perfect and in my opinion, reflects his Irish soul and his notion of the importance of being Irish.
    As a professor of linguistics, I know perfectly well that his speech hit the right target and was even emotional, Mr. Byrne said that it should indeed be said.
    Congrats to Ireland and of course, congrats to the ambassador, Mr. Byrne.

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