CharityBuzz is offering you a chance to make your holiday season especially bright (and thrilling!) and also charitable. As they note in their description, the proceeds of this auction will benefit Culture Project, the organization that has helped make this production of James X such a resounding success. Thinking of heading to New York City for the holiday season? Want a shot of Irish culture to get you ready for the New Year? Need to combine your art with a bit of “doing good”? Want to meet the Cultural Ambassador for Ireland before he heads off into the sunset?  Great. This is perfect! Go now and bid!

Description from the CharityBuzz website:

Meet Gabriel Byrne at a performance of James X, Saturday, Dec. 17 at 7:30 PM and receive 2 house seats to the performance at the 45 Bleeker Theatre in Manhattan. Directed by Gabriel Byrne and written and performed by Gerard Mannix Flynn, James X traces the journey of 1 child through Ireland’s abusive institutional system. You will also take home a signed copy of James X.

An Irish government tribunal of inquiry into institutions responsible for cruel and inhumane treatment of children is in session. In the foyer, James X, one of those children, now a man anxiously prepares to offer the testimony which he hopes will unshackle him from the past. As he waits, James is confronted with the fact that the tribunal he is about to go before is part of the very same system that made prisoners of children like him and sighting this truth prompts him to tell the story that will really, finally set him free.

Running time: 75 minutes (no intermission). Presented as part of Imagine Ireland, Culture Ireland’s year of Irish arts in America.

The proceeds for this item benefit Culture Project
Terms: Cannot be resold or re-auctioned. Travel and accommodations are not included. Valid for Saturday, Dec. 17 only. No refunds or exchanges will be allowed.

Donated by: Gabriel Byrne, Culture Project

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  1. Sounds like a great way to spend an evening and also to support Culture Project.
    As a Norwegian far away I can only wish good luck to the bidders.
    Wonder about if James X will come to Europe. It has been in Dublin but has it been in London?

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