Note: Effective in 2020, the Byrneholics Flickr stream was closed, leaving 47 Gabriel Byrne Wallpapers there for you to continue to enjoy. The Wallpaper Collection can now be viewed in the Gallery. Thanks for all the views over the years! –Stella heart

Original posting on October 12, 2011

As of today, there are 273 Gabriel Byrne wallpapers created by me available at Flickr.

And as of today, these have been viewed 103,238 times by YOU.

What an amazing milestone! Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to relish Mr. Byrne’s image, created by photographers from all over the world, and then remixed and remastered through my particular aesthetic. No, not peculiar. Particular.

A friend once said that I used Gabriel Byrne as an artistic medium. That’s a nice compliment. I suppose what I am doing is capturing moods and trying to color them, with Mr. Byrne taking center stage, of course.













And finally, here is the most popular wallpaper of all:

Viewed more than any other Gabriel Byrne Wallpaper in Stella’s set at Flickr

Thanks to everyone for their comments and support over the years!


  1. Kim Serrahn

    I wish I was as talented as you. But I so glad you do what you do.

  2. Thank you Stella!
    Thank you for creating this post/topic.
    Thank you for creating all the different but always interesting and wonderful wallpapers.
    I almost always have one of your artistic and creative wallpapers with Gabriel on my pc screen.
    Many of my colleagues have been intrested in GB because they admired your wallpapers on my pc.

    You are a talented wallpaper artist Stella!

  3. dear stella,

    thank you to all of you nice people who work
    so hard putting this beautiful website together.
    I love this website, and I especially like the

  4. Well done Stella! That’s quite an achievement! And the wallpapers are stunning. Wish I could be that artistic. Well done again.

  5. Thank you Stella they are brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Trude Elisabet

    Thank you, Stella for beautifull wallpapers. I also like your web site very much, and I visit it almost every day to see if there are any news about Gabriel Byrne.

  7. Kim Serrahn

    OMG Stella. I’ve said before wonderful. and I wish I could do things like that>Heck I’m still learning which buttons to push to get me where I need to go.

    ps need smilelys for expression


  8. morbid dollie

    love it gr8 work =]

  9. Just found the blue wallpaper with Gabriel on the right side , and the sky on left side. What a wonderful wallpaper: Gabriel takes me to heaven!

    No wonder one of my friends at work made nice comments on my beautiful PC wallpaper.

    Thanks Stella!

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