Updated June 21, 2021

The Whistling Gypsy, a fantastic Tumblr site devoted to Gabriel Byrne mentioned below, is no longer available.

There is, however, another great Gabriel Byrne Tumblr site, appropriately titled:

Fuck Yeah Gabriel Byrne

It has a fantastic background theme and all of the pics, GIFs, quotes, and other goodies your byrne-ing heart desires.

Enjoy! heart

Original posting August 23, 2011

In addition to Byrneholics, here are three more cool places to enjoy Mr. Byrne–on the web, that is. It is great to see these sites extend the community of Byrne Fans which, as we know, is global in its reach!

First up, the newest on the scene:

The Whistling Gypsy [Unfortunately, this Tumblr is no longer available on the Internet]

This site is a kind of stream-of-consciousness Gabriel Byrne photo extravaganza. Every day, multiple images from almost every decade of his life and career are published. Most of these are high resolution and just stunning. But that is not all. Quotes from Mr. Byrne, quotes from others (such as Liam Neeson), snippets from his films, and other goodies are waiting to be ooh-ed and ahh-ed over by the discerning Gabriel Byrne aficionado.

Postings are made almost daily and you never know what is going to turn up–one day a photo from a current appearance or film is headlined and the next you will discover a wonderful blast from the past.

This Tumblr site provides some of the best Byrne eye candy there is. This is a fast-moving place, so hop over there and jump in!

Next, the reappearance of an old friend:

Byrne-ing Up

Byrne-ing Up used to be over at LiveJournal. This latest incarnation is at Blogspot, where its community of followers will now find postings going back to April. Postings? Well, not really. What is going on at Byrne-ing up is unique. Its author, Lozzie (or Lozzcap), does not simply post a picture of Gabriel Byrne (and, of course, posting a picture of Gabriel Byrne is a good thing–see above). No, she posts a number of pictures and then tells us all about them.

Sometimes the pictures are screencaps from a single film, such as “Frankie Starlight” or “Into The West.” Then Lozzie will put them all together in a way that tells a story SHE wants to tell. She might love the film and want to show off why it is so good and why Gabriel Byrne is so good in it. She might find the film problematical and want to show why this is so and why Gabriel Byrne is so good in it. Yes.  Her comments are wry, insightful, and often hilarious. Occasionally ribald. Frequently quite affecting.

And then there are the creative posts, sometimes philosphical, often just inspired postings about Gabriel Byrne and his inability to swim, Gabriel Byrne and his face, Gabriel Byrne and…well, you get the picture. A good example is the posting from May 6, entitled “Dawg gonnit,” wherein the author notes that she would be happy to be Paul Weston’s (but really Gabriel Byrne’s, we think) lap dog. The text and the pictures go together perfectly, telling a little story about just how she would go about being the good doctor’s lap dog and what she would do to improve his life. Whimsical, slightly daffy, absolutely charming. And so are the pictures!

A visit to Byrne-ing Up is a trip to see Gabriel Byrne through someone else’s eyes. Brilliant.

And last but not least, a place to talk In Treatment and other things Byrne-related:

“In Treatment” and the Doctor

Started about a year ago in preparation for the third season of In Treatment, this Blogspot blog is a place for In Treatment fans to get together and talk about–yes, you guessed it–In Treatment. And the doctor. Don’t forget the doctor, which in this case is Paul Weston, portrayed by Gabriel Byrne.

The site has information about all three seasons of the show, as well as videos and pictures in separate sections. There is also a section for Gabriel News. Posting to the site is open to anyone.

So, going back to September 2010, there are lots of postings about the show and its star, the other actors involved in Season Three, episode reviews, reviews from the press, etc. Along the way, you will see postings about Gabriel Byrne and his other activities as well and, now that In Treatment has been canceled (or at least appears to be Gabriel Byrne-less in future), this community site will no doubt be reaching out to other parts of the global community which have just started watching Season Two. Which is a good thing, because there can never be too many places to discuss what is happening in this amazing series that HBO first brought to us here in the United States back in 2008.

There can never be too many Gabriel Byrne websites! It is wonderful to see these creative and fun places where we can bask in the glow of images, words, and camaraderie–and Gabriel Byrne. But please remember to come back here to Byrneholics after your travels, ok? smile


  1. Kim Serrahn

    whistling gypsy page won’t come up is something wrong

  2. Made a boo-boo in the link. Sorry! It is fixed now, so try it again.

  3. Kim Serrahn

    i’m very happy now thanks for fixing it . now when i need a pick-me-up it will be there….. love

  4. Kim Serrahn

    Good Morning . I was just thinking ( something i shouldn’t do to often). Do you think the great one ever reads these pages or even looks at them. And if he does do you think he thinks we’re nuts. I would hope he does at least for the laughs. Well that’s about it for the thinking part. Hows the weather, getting any rain? We up here near Dallas really could use some. I guess that’s all for now ,will write more later. hugs and kisses Kim

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