Looking for a way to Byrne up your Firefox browser?

Resident Byrne-ing Artist Aragarna has just what you need! She has created six Firefox Personas (Personae?) that you can download and install very easily in your Firefox browser.

Thank you, Ara, for sharing your art with us.

In Treatment Blue Wave

Gabriel Byrne Black and White

Gabriel Byrne for Daniela

Gabriel Byrne Black and White 2

In Treatment: Paul and Laura

gb-ara-personaPaul: In Treatment, Season 2


  1. Love the In Treatment Blue Wave Persona!
    It makes me think of Dr. Paul Weston all the time when I sit by my computer, and that feels good!

  2. Love them all

  3. Good news Aragarna!
    Thank you.
    I like your Paul/Laura persona very much, and it is a great idea that she is gray, so it is like he is thinking about her, like in a dream.
    Because the Paul/Laura story is like a story that has both reality and dreams inside it.

  4. Ara,
    I love your work a lot
    and in a particular manner the number 3!
    Thank you!

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