Happy Spring, Byrneholics!

It is time to take the “Gabriel Byrne, Cultural Ambassador for Ireland, Was Here” Challenge!

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Download and print out the “Gabriel Byrne Was Here” badge:

2. Snap a photo of the badge anywhere. GO WILD! See not-so-wild example below. And no Photoshop, please!

3. Email your photo to the Byrneholics Administrator, Stella, at stellakuru@gmail.com. Include a description of the place and how you took the picture.

4. Watch it go up at Byrneholics for all to enjoy.

5. Wait to see who the lucky winners will be! Deadline is April 20, 2011.

Submissions will be reviewed by Stella and Lara. Each entry will be presented in an on-going posting about the contest on the Byrneholics Main Site. News about the contest will be posted to Twitter and Facebook.

There will be first, second, and third place winners!

Prizes include:

First place: Framed Barry McCall picture of Gabriel Byrne

Second place: In Treatment, season one or season two, on DVD (your choice!)

Third place: Amazon gift certificate

So, get out those phones and cameras and help us find Gabriel Byrne EVERYWHERE!

Questions? Contact Stella.

Gabriel Byrne was in Stella’s office. You can do better, so get on it!
(black and white printout of GB, photo taken with my Android phone)


  1. Looks like fun

  2. great idea ! can’t wait to see the pictures !!

  3. Nice challenge.
    I will bring him with me on my vacation next week, and then you can guess where we (hmmmm) have been.

  4. Totally off topic. Thanks very much HBO for axing In Treatment.
    HBO makes some very, very good shows, but IT was something more. Finally something semi-intelligent, but hey, who am I to question the masses and the almighty ratings figures?

  5. Love the idea!! Great fun! I already submitted my pic!

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