Updated April 21:

The contest is now closed!

Many thanks to all who participated. Lara and I will get together over the weekend and evaluate the submissions. Watch the main site for a list of the lucky winners on Monday.

Gabriel Byrne does bring out the creativity in us, does he not? I knew he would. And I’m glad he had a chance to “visit” all of these wonderful places!


More from Nora

Just squeaking in before the deadline, here are three more entries from Nora, who says:

“Before I showed you that I took Gabriel with me to Istanbul.
But my dear Paper-Gabriel told me he wanted a trip in Norway too.
So I took him with me to my vacation house in Modum here in Norway and showed him my garden.
As you can see it is not green here yet but at least the snow is finally gone.
And Paper-Gabriel took a look around in my garden as you can see.”

It is gorgeous here even without much green! And Mr. Byrne looks right at home in your garden, Nora.

A Byrne in the bush

A Byrne in a tree

And a Byrne by the lake

Entry #12: LHL

This is a great way to end the contest!

“This picture is taken in my home…but as you’ll see, as you say in the contest, Happy Spring….but I say Happy Birthday to me!!!  My birthday is tomorrow (contest deadline), and I had to just showcase off my birthday present I just got….because in all actuality, Gabriel Byrne WAS there….hahaha.”

Happy Birthday, LHL!

Entry #11: Annchy

Annchy starts off nice, with kids in a park, and then takes a turn to the dark side! But we love it.

“The first one is taken in the park, near to the Lake Bundek in Zagreb (Croatia). As you can see the place is quite popular and kids enjoy it. My friends and I are still children in our hearts so we joined them and took Gabriel with us smile The picture was taken by my friend’s camera so the quality is good but the second picture is blurry because it was taken with mediocre camera from my mobile phone. As you can see, the thought of Gabriel being in my room leaves quite an impression on me. smile Hope that one is not to kinky.”

A tiny Gabriel is in the middle of the pole towards the top

Blurry and kinky. Too kinky? Never.

More from Aragarna:

Ara and Mr. B. enjoyed a bit of fresh air this time around, at the Jardin des Plantes in Paris. Photos taken with her mobile phone, but of course!

Spring in Paris

What could be more romantic?

Entry #10: Daniela

According to Daniela:

“Gabriel Byrne, Ireland ambassador of culture, is interested in knowing  the history and culture of other Countries. So I called him to the town where I live, Arcole, where in 1796, it fought a major battle between the French army led by Napoleon Bonaparte (perhaps Ara knows him…;-)) and the Austrian army. In memory of this battle, on the bridge Napoleon took a Obelisk: today this monument is the only Napoleonic one that exists in Italy. My camera is a Sony 7.2 megapixel full HD 1080.”

“Imagination rules the world.” –Napolean Bonaparte

Entry #9: Laila

Zoom-Zoom! Laila tells us: “The pictures were taken in the north outskirt of Milan, the city I live in. The bike is mine, a 2006 Sportster 1200.” Not sure about the camera.

Zoom #1

Zoom #2

Entry #8: Camille M.

Camille says:

“I have taken the both of them in Paris with my Iphone ; it shows the dear ambassador in discussion with my lab mouse called “Gaby”. They were certainly exchanging advices about patients…”

“Oh yes, he was, and he is more handsome than any of our patients, I must say!

Entry #7: Nora

Nora put her hunk in a trunk and took Mr. Byrne on a little trip. She wrapped him up in plastic and transported him to Istanbul! Photos taken with an Olympus digital camera.

At Hagia Sophia

Also at Hagia Sophia

At Topkapi Palace, the Sultan’s palace in Istanbul

And last, but not least, at the Sultan’s Harem!

Entry #6: Aragarna

Ara shows off  her always-artistic vision of “Gabriel Byrne Was Here”–in his own films and his own home! Taken with a Digimax S500.

Yes, GB was definitely here.

And here as well.

Entry #5: Ramona S.

Ramona tells us:

“Gabriel came to us to the radiological practise in Wolfsburg (Germany) and could be X-rayed by me! Well that we have two X-ray devices. While my colleague has X-rayed all the other patients, I have let myself extensively time with Gabriel!!!!! This photo were taken up on April 12,2011 with my Samsung L110 8.2 Mega Pixels.”

X-rays and Gabriel Byrne are nice. X-ray VISION and GB, even nicer!

Entry #4: Anne M.

Anne says:

“‘gabriel was here’ in my kitchen in sydney, australia, for as we know he is the consummate dish is he not?

the ‘picture in my head’ was so much more elegant, yet the actual photograph was taken with a rather frustrating olympus u digital 600 6.0 megapixel, whatever that reveals…”


Entry #3: N.

N. snapped these with her phone in Laredo, Texas on a business trip. She managed to combine business with a bit of fun by the pool, the best place to be when it is 106 degrees outside.

This is the one! Ready for a swim…

Checking out the pool rules

Enjoying the quiet before taking a plunge

Yum! Check out that water!

Entry #2: NancyAnne R.

Updated April 15:

NancyAnne sent along a few more, from which I have chosen these three:

Is she allowing GB to park in her space or is she having him towed?

Neither! She’s driving off with him in her car!

A bit water-splattered, but safe

NancyAnne provided 5 different entries, which led to a discussion about multiple contest entries! Multiple entries are fine, we decided, but we will pick only one to compete and I will note which one we pick, so check each one out. After all, there can never be too many pictures of Gabriel Byrne, as we all well know…

No idea where NancyAnne took these pictures, but it appears she used a T-Mobile phone of some sort.

Yep, this is the one!

And we, of course, agree with you, NancyAnne

Entry #1: Regina S.

“This is my work place in Buenos Aires with the honorary president of the Jewish Association of Survivors of Nazi Persecution. My niece Virginia took the pic with her Nokia 5530. Gabriel is always with us!!! Love, Regina”

Entry #1: Love that desktop, too!


  1. Nice pictures everyone, very funny ! :-) looks like Gabriel enhances our creative side. It was a very good idea Stella :-)

  2. Well, girls: now GOOD LUCKY everyone!

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