Bowie28 created his famous Gabriel Byrne PicSpam on his LiveJournal site back in 2008.

It is a wonder to behold (witness the comments!). In a fit of anxiety, I asked him recently if we might archive his images here at the Byrneholics Gallery.

Bowie28 said yes. So now, you can find all of the images he included in his Picspam in the Gallery.

He used pictures from Byrneholics and other Gabriel Byrne fansites, some from photoshoots and Mr. Byrne’s book, and screencaps and promotional stills from Gabriel’s  films. To these he added quotes from Gabriel’s book, as well as various interviews.

The end result is an evocative look at the life and work of our favorite actor!

Four of a kind from Miller’s Crossing

Bowie28 structured these images in interesting ways and colored them himself. There is a painterly quality to these pictures that is just wonderful, so relish their artistry and know that, no matter what happens to his website, we will have his lovely pictures in the Gallery.

The Andrew Faulkner Trio

Thank you, Bowie28!


  1. He Has the hottest pics of Gabriel

  2. Cythandra

    Yes, yes he does. THUD!

  3. Thank you very much to Bowie28 to share his work with us.
    It looks great!!

  4. Do look at Bowie28’s original site:

    I remember first finding it in 2008. What a wonderful way to share!


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