The perfect way to start the holidays, the 1994 version of Little Women offers a stellar cast, a great script, beautiful locations, gorgeous costumes, and a lovely score by Thomas Newman.

Oh, and the hottest professor on the planet. Yes.

For more about how I feel about this film, please read my Blogathon posting, where I gush and exclaim over this film. In an objective and critical way, of course…NOT!

An excerpt from that posting:

Was I surprised when Jo looked up from her breakfast in the dining room of her temporary home in New York to discover an intriguing if somewhat subdued gentleman sitting not far away, a handsome, dark-haired presence who caught her eye and nodded amiably? You are damned right I was! Who the heck was that? That was very different from any Prof. Bhaer I had ever seen or imagined or even hoped for! Who was that guy? So unexpected, so gorgeous. And my oh my–what was going to happen to poor Jo?

The Little Women Mega Movie Page offers proof of the Professor’s charm and the wonderful cinematic realization of Louisa May Alcott’s timeless book in the form of screencaps provided by LucilleP, videos, both official and fan-made, reviews, quotes, and much more.

Enjoy this early holiday gift and may all of your wishes for the season come true!



    [number of O’s edited by Stella :-)]

  2. Kim Serrahn /Connell (@kimserrahn)

    I still have my copy of Little Women and little Men from the fourth grade. I can not tell you how many times I read it. I would think of myself as Jo. I want to think that there is still some small part of her inside, and like her I will find love.

  3. It is really a lovely movie, and I will go home and put on this DVD on my player as soon as possible.
    Thanks for this reminder and early holiday present Stella.

    Gabriel is really sensitive and gorgeous in this role.

  4. Thank you. Great stuff.
    It made me decide to read the book too. It isn’t a book I had a chance to get to know at school.

  5. Okay, sensible now, almost. Love this quote:
    Friedrich: You do not take wine?
    Jo: Only medicinally.
    Friedrich: Pretend you’ve got a cold

    Amen to that Prof!

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