From the HotPress interview with Brendan Gleeson:

Gleeson reveals that Gabriel Byrne, Colin Farrell, Cillian Murphy and Michael Fassbender will all star in his planned film version of Flann O’Brien’s 1939 novel At Swim-Two Birds. He also emphasises the importance of having an Irish cast, adding “It was important, but also, they are the best people!”

Of course, we agree with that last statement! The big news here is the addition of Michael Fassbender to the cast of this film. Mr. Fassbender has been having an amazing year and this is very exciting news.

Welcome aboard, Mr. Fassbender! You are joining an amazing company of Irish actors and a great Irish actor/director in bringing a fine, if esoteric, Irish novel to the screen.

And which character from At Swim Two-Birds do YOU think Michael will be bringing to life?

Michael Fassbender, latest addition to Flann O’Brien’s
novel-to-film translation

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