Arriving August 30 in the United States, the Blu-Ray transfer of the Coen Brothers’ mob noir classic, Miller’s Crossing, has tons of features and promises the best viewing experience of all home media versions.

The DVD Beaver has an extensive overview of this release. All video-and-audiophiles should immediately jump over and read his observations. He also provides links to Amazon stores in several countries where the film will be released shortly as well.

And don’t forget to revisit the Miller’s Crossing Mega Movie Page, just in case you’ve forgotten how wonderful this film is or you can’t remember exactly who said “Intimidating helpless women is my job.”

For those of us in need of a Friday Gabriel Byrne eye-candy fix, you can do no better than these screencaps from the new release. “Where’s your heart?” “What heart?” Indeed!

Don’t forget to download these beauties!


  1. Great movie, and great Gabriel in it!
    I have no experience with blue-ray.
    Maybe I should buy a blue-ray player now…
    Do you folks have blue-ray experience?

  2. I have already an HQ version of this movie but I’ll surely buy the BD. In Italy it’s going to be launched in october.

  3. Blue-ray is interesting if you have a big and last generation TV. Otherwise DVD is just as fine. Blue-rays are still more expensive than DVD. But nice to here that it’s been re-released ! :)

  4. Thanks for your answer Aragarna.
    I have a very old tv…..

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