We were very excited this time last year when the news about I, Anna was released. The film is an adaptation of Elsa Lewin’s novel, a story about a femme fatale who falls for the detective in charge of a murder case in which she is the main suspect.

Whatever writer and director Barnaby Southcombe presented at the Berlinale Co-Production Market last year certainly piqued the interest of lots of people. Now we are thrilled to learn that shooting has begun on this film. The intervening time seems to have passed in a flash!

Reports surfaced last week via Twitter that Gabriel Byrne, Charlotte Rampling, Ralph Brown, and Eddie Marsan were in London doing read-throughs of the script for this neo-noir thriller. Mr. Brown was the primary tweeter, but he has gone silent now. Well, he actually tweets a lot (especially about events in Egypt, which is fantastic–he is practically his own news agency on Twitter as he re-tweets people on the scene!). Mr. Brown and Mr. Byrne were last on the screen together in Dark Obsession (AKA Diamond Skulls) back in 1988.

At any rate, word is that actual filming began on January 28, in London. The shoot is scheduled for six weeks and filming will finish up in Hamburg. The cast is rounding out to include Honor Blackman and Jodhi May. Producers are Embargo Films and their European partners.

To help bring this project to reality are Bavaria Film International, responsible for international sales, and Artificial Eye, which will release the film in the UK.

According to Thorsten Ritter, Head of Bavaria Film International:

I am thrilled to be working with such a stellar cast and passionate team. I was truly hooked from the moment I started to read the intense and elegant script. Barnaby and producers Felix Vossen and Chris Simon are hugely dedicated to turning the project into a commercial yet resonant and truthful film that gets deep under your skin. I, Anna was one of the hottest projects at last year’s Berlinale Co-Production Market and I’m excited to be actively pre-selling it at the EFM (European Film Market) only a year later,” he added.

Needless to say, we cannot wait. But we will!

Sources:  Irish Film Portal and Screen Daily

Charlotte Rampling as Anna Welles in “I, Anna”


  1. Cythandra

    Can’t wait for this to hit the screens. Looks like an interesting story.

  2. Can’t wait to see Gabriel back on screen , hope he wins an award for this movie.

  3. I have read the book and I liked it.
    I am really looking forward to see this movie with Charlotte and Gabriel in it. No doubt they will be great together.

  4. arlene coyne

    BTW: I have an extra copy of I, Anna (long story) if anyone wants it. I would be happy to sent it to you.

  5. Hi Arlene, please could you send a copy of the I, Anna film to me in Brazil? I pay for it, because here is very difficult to buy Gabriel’s movies and generally I have to buy Amazon.com.
    So, please, write to me if you ccan, ok?
    My email is andybyrne@hotmail.com.
    Thanks a lot.

  6. I might be the youngest girl here to love Gabriel Byrne, Do you guys want to know how old I am?

  7. How old are you Sophia?
    I am 50.
    I am sure girls in every age fall in love with Gabriel.

  8. That is very young Sophia. But you really have a great taste in men to be such a young girl!

  9. they were shooting at hilton metropole in london 7th feb we were there at the weekend how exciting

    • Angie, how exciting indeed! If you want to share more, please do! Did you see the actual shoot? Were both Mr. Byrne and Ms. Rampling there? We need details! :-) Thanks for anything you care to add!

  10. Hi to all you Gabriel Byrne fans out there…
    You may be very interested to learn that Charlotte Rampling and Gabriel Byrne were both in our store overnight early last week, to film a scene for this film – the department store is a branch of the John Lewis Partnership – ‘Peter Jones’ in Sloane Square – and three of our members of staff were recruited as extras for the night !! All went well and both actors were very gracious…

    • Wendy, thanks so much for this news! We are all anticipating this movie so much! It must have been a very exciting experience for your staff to serve as extras. What an experience! Now if only someone would snap a pic or two of Mr. B. and Ms. R…. We are starved for more information–so wonderful that they are making a film together. Thanks again–you made a bunch of Byrneholics very happy. ;-)

  11. Thank you very much Wendy for telling us about how it was when Gabriel and Charlotte were working on a scene in your store. Nice to hear that members of your staff were used as extras.

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