Finally! Amazon is now listing the DVD of Season Three of In Treatment as available in the United States on October 4, 2011.

Almost a year after the third season debuted, you will be able to load those intense sessions into your DVD player and return to Dr. Weston’s office for what appears to be the last time.

The specs provided by Amazon seem a bit off (one disc?), but we will rely on the truthfulness of the release date, at least for now!


This will byrne up our DVD players, no doubt about it…


Here is the DVD cover. This is a large image and is available for downloading. Enjoy!




  1. Good news, Stella!
    Wish they would put some bonus material on the DVDs, like interviews with the actors and the director, behind the scene material, deleted scenes and things like that.
    I guess it is only wishful thinking, but that must be allowed.

  2. marieboum

    it is about time!!!!
    like Nora, i hope they will add some bonus material on it, deleted scene, interview with the staff….
    so i will circle october 4 on my calendar…

  3. Meanwhile here in the UK Amazon say Season 2 will be released around the same time. Maybe if I drop enough hints I can have it for Xmas!

  4. By the way, one of the “tweeters” says they would listen to Gabriel Byrne read the phone book. I just wanted to say, so would I.
    Maybe we could have it as an extra on the DVD :)

  5. If anyone in the UK hasn’t seen it, on Sky News, when you press the Red button and get the “words” up, in the entertainment section is a brief piece about the season 2 finale.

  6. The region 2 DVD’s will be available from February 6th. Hurrah!!! Over here, the 3rd series hasn’t been on tv yet. I’m so looking forward to it.

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