Lakeshore Records has released the soundtrack to Seasons One and Two of In Treatment. We have all enjoyed the spare and evocative music of Richard Marvin and now the soundtrack is available:

Amazon as an MP3 album from which you can also sample individual tracks

Spotify offers all 20 tracks. Create a free account first and then listen!

Soundcloud has a few tracks and from there you can purchase the rest on iTunes.

From the Amazon website [this text is no longer available at the Amazon website]:

“In Season 1 there were specific themes for each character, developed over the course of the season,” described Marvin. “Season 1 also had more of a ‘vibey, groovy’ end credits.”

By the second season, Dr. Weston has been through a divorce and has relocated to Brooklyn, where he sees patients in his home. “In the 2nd season, the producers were less concerned with the thematic development and character themes,” said Marvin. “There was more of an effort to be more transparent and sparse, especially on the underscore cues.” As a result the Season 2 score features more conventional orchestrations.

There are twenty tracks available, each running about two minutes.

So get busy downloading and then revisit In Treatment musically!


  1. and no Alex theme ?!

    • Yes, sadly. And it seems that Season 2 is the heavier hitter, with 13 of the 20 songs. I thought the music in Season 1 was spectacular. Season 2 was jauntier and maybe a bit more predictable. But I am glad to get these any way I can! :-)

  2. If anyone has IO cable , smilas sense of snow is on channel 190 at 8:30 today.

  3. Hi
    The In treatment season 3 is been showed at HBO in Brazil. Now, We can watch Gabriel Byrne, uahu!. Also, the season’s news was read in brazilian magazine. See you Patricia

  4. Or you can always go to Avi Bellili’s website ( and download some of the music for free. (7th tab down).

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