No, these are not patients from some episode of In Treatment that you missed. These are The Three Shrinks or, more officially, the therapists who were invited to blog for “Talk Therapy” at the HBO In Treatment website.

And now they are in Boston on April 10, talking about our favorite show!

The Boston Institute for Psychotherapy is sponsoring another panel about In Treatment. Here are the details from their website:


Sunday, April 10, 2011; 1:00pm – 5:00pm

Lesley University Amphitheater, University Hall, 1815 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA


Due to the popularity of the 2009 In Treatment event, BIP (Boston Institute for Psychotherapy) will host another exciting afternoon inspired by the TV series.

Reprising his role, Joe Shay, Ph.D. will chair the panel which will include Randy Paulsen, M.D., Rachel Seidel, M.D. and Justin Richardson, M.D., who is the psychiatric advisor to the show.

Join us as we examine the therapeutic process represented in this thought-provoking and dramatic series. Combining professional presentations—including video clips from the show itself—with audience discussion, the conference will be geared toward creating a deeper understanding of psychotherapy—and the psychotherapists who provide it—based on this stimulating television series.

Whether you’ve never seen an episode or are an ardent follower of the show, we hope you’ll join us for a fascinating discussion.

Everyone who has read their postings at the HBO Talk Therapy blog knows how good these folks are at analyzing the show, illuminating the motivation of Paul and his patients, and explaining those tricky little details the writers like to throw our way. Incredibly great reading, as I have recently noted here at Byrneholics. If you can make it to Boston for this, then take advantage of a wonderful opportunity to ask The Three Shrinks all those questions that remain unanswered for you–and us!

Thanks to LHL for the alert on this event!

PS. Your bonus for reading to the end is this tiny tidbit: in an article about In Treatment and other showrunners [note: this article at the Kansas City newspaper online is no longer available], it is mentioned that In Treatment is still “awaiting a decision.” So, despite the fact that I have said (from a personal viewpoint, not based on real news) it is all over, it may not be! smile


  1. Cythandra

    Not sure if I can make it or not. I could be traveling.

  2. Thanks for posting the article! So hopeful In Treatment returns, even though I’m trying not to keep my hopes up too high. I recently re-watched Season 2 and am still enthralled w Paul and Gabriel Byrne even though I’ve seen it a number of times.

  3. Is IT cancelled as first reported last night or not as corrected this morning? HBO said that they might change the format. Anyone know for sure?

    • Aragarna

      no one knows for sure. They’re in negociations to find a way to continue in a new format (probably weekly episodes). so basically, nothing is decided yet, but it doesn’t look good.

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