Updated July 14

The nominations were announced this morning and it appears to be a total shut out for In Treatment.

Nothing to see here. Move along…

No, I’m not upset. I’ve moved on.

Updated July 12

It is not just about Best Actor in a Drama. No, it is not. Well, mostly it is, of course, but the series In Treatment is hoping for a nomination on Thursday, too!

GoldDerby has identified the required six episodes submitted to the viewing panels for this year’s Emmy Awards. HBO has submitted these from In Treatment, Season Three in the category of Best Drama Series:

“Sunil, Week 5”
“Sunil, Week 6”
“Jesse, Week 5”
“Jesse, Week 6”
“Adele, Week 5”
“Adele, Week 6”

And this image is from The Whistling Gypsy, whom we thank!

Updated July 7

It is now or never, according to the Emmy Awards Blog over at GoldDerby.

This year sees a large exodus of series and performances from our TV screens who have yet to win Emmy Awards. Can they finally prevail for their farewell seasons?

With HBO also axing “In Treatment” after three seasons, Gabriel Byrne has one last chance to win an Emmy for his portrayal of Dr. Paul Weston. He was nominated for the second season, losing to Bryan Cranston (“Breaking Bad”) who is ineligible this year.

Oh, and don’t bother watching the Emmy experts slugfest video for best actor in a drama. These guys hardly know who Gabriel Byrne is! They have decided to give the award to Jon Hamm for his crying/drunken/vulnerable man performance in the Mad Men episode “The Suitcase.” They like Timothy Olyphant. And they think Jeremy Irons playing the Pope is great art.

Bitter? Who, me?

Um, that should probably say “The Last Season”…

Updated June 23

Variety takes a look at the Emmy actors in consideration. About Gabriel Byrne, in his role as Paul Weston in In Treatment, they say:

He sat in that chair, day after day, session after session, listening compassionately while nursing all his own bitter wounds, a treadmill with no off switch … until now, when Byrne’s inimitably prickly Paul Weston finally walked off into the sunset (or did he, HBO?) after being the centerpiece of more than 100 episodes in under three years.

Alan Sepinwall, over at HitFix, has a considerably shorter list with many familiar faces. If he had an Emmy ballot for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama, looks like Mr. Byrne would be near the top of his list (although his fervor for the series took a notable dip during the last season):

Gabriel Byrne was, indeed, incredibly deserving in those first 2 “In Treatment” seasons. He has a workload unlike any other lead actor on television, carrying 2 hours or more of drama each week, memorizing massive chunks of dialogue in short order, having to convey so much about his character in how he listens and reacts to others, etc. The series’ third and final season was more flawed/repetitive than the first 2, with Byrne’s Dr. Paul Weston going through many of the same problems over and over, but the nightly acting duets between Byrne and the likes of Irrfan Khan and Amy Ryan were still riveting.

Thanks to Det. Logan for the leads on these articles! And stay tuned as Emmy talk continues over the next weeks!

Updated June 11

Here is the Emmy ad from Variety, courtesy of I Like to Watch TV:

Variety, May 31


Let the anticipation begin! Variety has a nice article on three series that are done. Over. Kaput. You get the idea. The fact that these are three of the very best that television has had on offer during the past few years tells us something.

Here is what they have to say about one of these innovative creations that is now no more:

“Friday Night Lights,” “Big Love” and “In Treatment” had an impact that transcended their relatively small audiences…

“In Treatment” had a unique format, particularly in its debut season. That year, the half-hour drama aired Monday through Friday, with each episode focusing on one particular patient’s session, culminating weekly with Byrne’s own meeting with Wiest. Over the course of its three seasons, the cast included the likes of Debra Winger, John Mahoney and Hope Davis. For their stellar work, Wiest won an Emmy, Byrne a Golden Globe.

HBO says the show may return in a different format in the future.

“It really did feel like therapy,” says MSN senior producer Dave McCoy, who covers television and film for the site. “And it certainly reinforced what everybody knows — that therapists are as messed up as their patients. They just have the training.”

“It was also the meatiest role Gabriel Byrne had been given since ‘Miller’s Crossing,’ ” McCoy adds. “He had to sit there and listen and convey so much with his face. Then once a week he got to explode.”

Emmy nominations will be announced July 14. Start generating positive thoughts now!


  1. Definetly voting gabriel

  2. I subscribe it!

  3. He deserves to win so much.

  4. Andrea Veloso

    He deserves to win of course since the first nomination in the second season. I’ve sure of that. But now he has a chance to win and in my opinion he’ll.
    So, good Luck Gabriel Byrne!

  5. I really want him to win the Emmy.. I’m voting completely for him…I will go mad if he doesn’t win.. Guys remember to vote!!!

  6. If anyone deserves to win an Emmy its Gabriel. He is one of the finest actors to TV (and indeed anywhere else). If Hugh Laurie can win umpteen awards for House then Gabriel should get this one. Hope you get it this time.

  7. It would be very well deserved if he won an Emmy. He was really fantastic in the role as Dr. Paul Weston. I can not imagine anybody elles creating that role with so much intelligence and nuances. It is the best acting I have seen in a tv show ever.

  8. Nominations in just a few days? I’m so glad I listened to my Irish fairy godmother today. She tapped me on the shoulder and said, ‘You haven’t visited Gabey’s website in awhile’. I’m so glad I listened to her…

    We all know, very well, that Gabriel deserves this nomination and award. Some of you have been following him for much longer that I have, and I can see what seeing him get this award would mean to you. Fair enough. But in the event that he doesn’t, truth be told it’s not really going to sway me much one way or the other. As I think I have mentioned before, actors are much like chameleons; they constantly have to change their colors and spots, because this project gets cancelled or this thing doesn’t work out. More often than not it has nothing to do with their abilities – it’s just the way the business is. And most people in this line of work see more projects not work out than do – we just don’t always hear about it.

    For perspective: By general standards, ‘Gothic’ could be considered a bomb; and yet there was something about this film that spoke to me and opened up a whole new world of thinking and ideas. I just got up to the part, in Byron’s biography, where he ‘woke up famous’ in the spring of 1812 because his ‘Childe Harold’ sold 500 copies within the span of three days. Doesn’t sound like much – after all, what is 500 copies in today’s publishing world? – but I guess that, back in his day, this was considered a big accomplishment ;). Anyway the point is, that things will continue to be exciting for us Gabriel followers because we never really know what will be coming around for us next. I would rather spend my energies looking ahead at what may be coming up, than be bitter because I didn’t see Mr. Byrne get this or that particular award. Gabriel is constantly ‘changing his spots'(and he’s pretty good at it too), so we can still look forward to what will be coming in the future long after this award ceremony has concluded!

    As Lord Byron once said, ‘The busy have no time for tears’.


    • Of course you are absolutely correct, Alicen. Mr. Byrne has moved on (he’s the Cultural Ambassador for Ireland, after all!) and so should we.


      It would be so totally, wonderfully, amazingly cool IF he were to get the recognition he deserves for his marvelous, stunning, consistently intelligent, thoughtful (fill in more positive adjectives here) portrayal of Dr. Paul Weston in In Treatment.

      So, we hope. And we move along now. Nothing to see here. Move along…


  9. marieboum

    it is a shame that he hasn’t won yet for season 1 and 2, i haven’t seen season 3 yet, only part of it but for me he deserves to win for the whole series, for the whole character of Paul Weston. He was stunningly brilliant in this role. Best i ever seen. We shall call the police if he doesn’t win, it would be robbery!!!

  10. What no nomination for Gabriel, the programme itself or anything??
    I’m in the UK and we are still in Season 2 here so will take your words for how good the third & final season is, but NOTHING?
    Well then I’ll give him some awards instead:
    Best Actor, Best Cultural Ambassador, Best Public Speaker and Best Jedward impression.
    Ladies & Gentlemen – Gabriel Byrne!

    • Go, Billy!

      You rock and so does Gabriel Byrne!


      PS. Season Three is great. It is different from the previous 2 seasons in many ways, but Paul Weston serves as the bridge. The writing is excellent and Gabriel Byrne and Amy Ryan are spell-binding in their scenes together. Irrfan Khan is also amazing. You will enjoy it, I am sure!

      • Well I don’t know about me so much but Gabriel most certainly does rock :)

        I’ll look forward to season 3 -not sure how long it will be before we get to see it though!

  11. Very, very disappointing, and not just for Gabriel, but for the show itself and its co-stars. Gabriel Byrne is a sensational actor and I hope one day he is recognised for this (officially).

  12. Agree 100% Krisb.
    I hope that Gabriel will be given great roles in the future, on stage, in movies and in television so many people can see him and the world can really discover what an exceptionally great and talented actor he is.

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