The Guardian’s assessment of Season Two, now showing on Sky Atlantic in the UK, sounds familiar to ears on this side of the pond, but the review closes nicely:

Overall, Paul is much less passive in this series, but you can’t help wondering which of these patients will be the time bomb that Alex unexpectedly proved to be in the first series. Series two remains a low-key show, but the stories feel richer, even if some of the patients’ underlying problems seem too glib for a series that deals in subtlety and nuance.

But it’s the acting and dialogue that make the show. It’s perfect late-night TV; you get to listen with Paul as he tries to figure out the root cause of the problem, which is often something quite different from what we might have expected. The breakthroughs, when they come, make up for the occasional air of claustrophobia.

The comments on this review and too many Tweets to be counted tell the real story: everyone loves In Treatment and they are particularly entranced with the artistry of Gabriel Byrne. Even The Guardian gets this right:

The show moves at a glacial pace, but Gabriel Byrne’s performance is captivating, requiring careful observation, and is all the more remarkable given that he has so little to say.

Six months after the end of Season Three here in the United States, it is a bit jolting to see Mr. Byrne sitting in his Paul chair, a reminder of all of the intricate tale-spinning of the past seasons of In Treatment. But it is not over yet for those fortunate folks in the British Isles, so cheers to you, you lucky blokes, and enjoy the show (even if Sky Atlantic drives you crazy with the scheduling!).

Paul and April. How we miss them.

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  1. After the powers that be decided that the best place for season one in the UK was a late night slot on Sky Arts of all places I didn’t hold out much hope of us seeing any more of it. So imagine my delight when Sky Atlantic appeared, announcing that it was the “Home of HBO”!
    Still on at silly o’clock at night, but I guess that’s why we have SKY+ boxes!

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