The new design is done and the tweaking (how image folders display, thumbnails, etc.) has begun.

Check out the new (actually a re-working of the old) Gallery!

This updated version allows your Byrne-ing image archiver to batch load images (thus saving her fingers and her eyes!) and it also provides you with a display that does not limit the size of the image. If there is a great big huge picture of Mr. Byrne in the Gallery, you can see it in all its glory (although you might want to purchase a larger monitor for this!).

Take a stroll down memory lane and view the pictures that are already there. I’m learning how to batch load the new ones now.

Many thanks to Leah Root at Root Design Works for this amazing gallery update!


  1. Kim Serrahn


  2. Kim Serrahn


  3. WOW!

    So many wonderful photos.
    Thanks for your great work Byrneholics.
    I never get tired of looking at Gabriel!

  4. ooooh! Very Nice indeed! looking in here will keep me occupied for a while!

  5. By the way, I love your title Pictures in your head Stella.
    It is really good. When I close my eyes there is usually coming some pictures in my head, and that is always Gabriel.
    Great idea to use the title of his book!

  6. Please, stella can you tell me if has Gabriel an oficial youtube account? There is a person who asures is the REAL GABRIEL BYRNE but…¿Do you Know that?
    I don´t believe it . I need to know that it is a fake or not, Please help me !!

  7. Hi Leo ! I’m not Stella, but I can answer: No Gabriel does not have a youtube account. I’m sure, because there is no way that Gabriel would steal a video from another account, which is what that ***** user does.

  8. Wow, what a great job you guys have done redesigning the website. It looks fantastic and so much brilliant stuff. Thank you for all your hard work in making it such a pleasant place to visit.

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