We are still working on this but here is the latest version of your source on the web for everything “Gabriel Byrne”! Enhancements include:

  • New template design and new colors (blue!)
  • New logo
  • Tabs across the top (“News,” “Cultural Ambassador,” “Feature Films,” etc.) make it easy to find related postings
  • Featured Postings box will include videos right in the box. How cool is that!? This is not live yet, but is in the works.
  • Some interior pages will be full-width to make reading easier
  • Links to social media are at the top and the bottom of every page
  • Last but not least, the Old Gallery is being updated and, once it is ready, all of the more recent Gabriel Byrne pictures will be added to it.

We have been working with Leah Root at Root Design Works and she’s done a fabulous job of bringing this new template into our site. Stay tuned for more design news!


  1. Congratulations with Byrneholics 5.0!
    I like it very much. Especially the tabs at the top of this page and
    the tabs in the middle of the page. It makes it easy to find stuff fast.
    I also love that you have put the Claddagh symbol so we can see it very
    clearly. And that symbol is about love, and Gabriel uses such a ring on his finger
    so I love to see it here. A heart in two hands, that is really a beautiful symbol!

  2. Very nice, like the new layout a lot. Good stuff!

  3. very nice and clear amazing so go ahead

  4. Don’t have twitter or facebook, not really sure where to put this (or if I should put this) but here goes. Quote from an interview with Julia Stiles (actress) in the Independent (UK Newspaper) http://www.independent.co.uk
    “I love HBO’s ‘In Treatment’. Starring Gabriel Byrne, the drama follows a psychologist’s sessions with both his patients and his own therapist. I find it interesting to watch how the psychological dynamics filter through the characters; my interest in psycho-analysis was what made me want to become an actor.”

  5. Kim Serrahn

    love being able to wake up and go to this site and see a dream a living dream can’t ever thank you enough but i’ll try real hard prays and love kim

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