1. Kim Serrahn /Connell (@kimserrahn)

    This last year was for me one of the best. Grandson and HIMSELF couldn’t do better. Now we go into a new year and I am going to be jumping with both feet. I’m not going to be fearful Thanks to Mr Flynn and James X. I know that we are in for more of a good thing (MR.B) so lets give it up to all the hard working people here. HUZZAR with total Love Kim OOOXXX

  2. Well said Kim! Lets hope the new year is as good for Byrneholics and the Members of the Swoon Society everywhere! And Himself of course.
    A Very Happy Christmas to everyone here and especially to Gabriel Byrne, who has inadvertently made a lot of new friends this year.

    • Edit! “Made ME at lot of new friends this year” Although he may very well have made one or two himself!

      • I was going to fix that for you, but I like the way you fixed it yourself. He probably has made a new friend or two this past year, I agree!

  3. Thank You! I thought it was quite funny when I read it back so I left it as it was and just added my Edit. He can certainly count us as His friends.

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