Spring has sprung in some parts of the world and it is definitely Spring at Byrneholics. We’ve got plans up our sleeves and news to share!

Here is the latest on our peripatetic Irishman!

New pics from I, Anna

New pictures provided by Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein  on their Facebook page :

Thanks to Ramona for finding these for us!

Imagine Ireland News

On Wednesday, May 25, at 7:00 pm, Symphony Space/Peter Jay Sharp Theatre in New York City will be the venue for:

Selected Shorts: Edna O’Brien: Saints and Sinners

The great Irish writer presents passionate tales of love, longing and family from her first new collection in 10 years. Performers include Gabriel Byrne (In Treatment), Cynthia Nixon (Sex and the City) and Eilin O’Dea.

This event is part of New York Book Week and is supported by Imagine Ireland, an initiative of Culture Ireland.

Read more about Edna O’Brien in this interview from February. She is amazing and wonderful at age 80–and still a party girl!

Bravo Award/Dominican University

Report from Jessica on the benefit held on March 12:

The benefit was wonderful! The orchestra, Camerata Ireland, was great and everyone enjoyed the evening. While it was disappointing that Gabriel Byrne couldn’t join us because of his film shooting schedule, he did send a short video acceptance of his Bravo Award. I don’t think that I will be able to get permission to send that to you, unfortunately. But I can say that he was charming and his comments were heartfelt as he talked about the importance of the arts. I’ll try to get you a quote from his acceptance. He ended his speech (it was really only a minute and a half) in Gaelic, which was perfect given the Irish theme of the evening. John Mahoney (the actor, starred in Frasier and has done a couple episodes of In Treatment with Gabriel) shared a few stories about working with Gabriel and that was a nice treat for everyone. He mentioned what a warm, generous person Gabriel is to work with.

Contest +  New Site Design Teaser

It has been a bit quiet lately (except for the Official Gabriel Byrne Photo Thread over in the Forum, that is!), but here at Byrneholics we are always cooking up something special.

First, we are working on a contest that will challenge everyone’s creativity and ingenuity. The prizes are being rounded up and the details finalized, so stay tuned. We hope to announce this here at the main site very soon.

And secondly, Lara is working on a new design for the main site (not the Forum), with a new picture and logo and new colors (think “blue”!). The information presented on the main site will look the same as always, but the colors around it will change. The new picture (thank you, Ara!) is a knock-out and we are certain you will enjoy the new design once Lara has a chance to nail down the final version.

So, consider yourself well and properly teased now! smile

Speaking of Ara, aren’t those banners she has created for the Forum just divine!?

Belated Very Happy  St. Paddy’s Day!!!

Here are two wallpapers to commemorate the day. The first is from last year, slightly whimsical and sweet, and the recent one serves as a counterpoint to it. Enjoy whichever fits your mood and Erin Go Bragh!


  1. Sexy man

  2. What a hunk. Makes me even more proud tp be of Irish desent!

  3. Ah, sweet… To me I think Gabriel looks a bit too rough (I mean that in a good way, as in ‘manly’ as opposed to ‘crude’) to be in between two sets of flowers, but the shamrocks seem to suit him just fine. Nice touch too, the Irish and American flags together in the inset…

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