New Summer Project in California!

A note from Stella: Generally speaking, Gabriel’s announced projects are funded and made. We get excited when those first announcements pop up and the excitement continues until the project is complete and we relish it on the screen, the stage, or the page. Sometimes, though, a project fizzles out. It’s […]

Actor/Producer/Director/Activist/WRITER: The Magill Essays

Had he been born a century earlier, Gabriel Byrne might have been an actor, or perhaps a teacher, or even a politician. It seems likely, however, that in those days, Mr. Byrne would have been a writer. He has the intellectual ability and the temperament, plus the observational skills and, […]

Irish Arts Center Spring Fundraiser

The Irish Arts Center celebrated with Spring Cocktails on 22 May, 2012 in New York City. Irish luminaries included Gabriel Byrne (of course), Liam Neeson, Glen Hansard, and Colum McCann. A visit to the Irish Arts Center website does not offer us much information about this event, but we are […]

The History Channel’s new series: Vikings!

UPDATE May 23 Quoting entire articles is not the usual practice here, but I cannot resist giving you the good news about this series courtesy of Antoinette Kelly at Irish Central, who informs us that filming for the series begins in July in Ireland! Gabriel Byrne has always made surprising […]

New Trailer for “I, Anna”

The Sydney Film Festival offers us the next viewing opportunity for Gabriel Byrne’s latest film, I, Anna, which also stars the inimitable Charlotte Rampling as a modern day femme fatale complicating the life of Mr. Byrne’s detective chief inspector. Here is the latest official trailer for the film: Be sure […]

The Happy Birthday Book and Video

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GABRIEL BYRNE! A bunch of Byrneholics contributed pictures and birthday wishes for a book that is being published and will be sent to Mr. Byrne, thanks to his agent. His birthday is May 12 and it is not clear when he will receive the book (he is traveling […]