The Byrne-ing News, July 2012 Edition

While Gabriel Byrne is thrashing Ragnar on the set of Vikings (we hope!), activity swirls around him and his on-going projects. The outstanding documentary about him is screening in Dublin. The Costa-Gavras film, Capital, is on the schedule for TIFF. The Irish studio where all that Ragnar-thrashing is happening has […]

New Colleagues for New Projects

Mr. Byrne is working with some amazing women these days: musicians, actors, directors. We will begin with two hyphenates. Here is more information about them, with more to follow soon. Christine Tobin, Singer-Songwriter The booklet for her new CD, Sailing To Byzantium, offers some insight into her choice of subject […]

The Letterman Show–November 25, 1993

In an appearance on the David Letterman show to promote his latest film, Point of No Return, Mr. Byrne (he looks so young in this show that one is tempted to just call him Gabriel!) discusses a flight from Dublin that lasted 12.5 hours due to a snow storm, the […]

Interview: Gabriel Byrne and His Agent, Teri Hayden

This radio interview is so cool. Apparently when they met, Gabriel Byrne and Teri Hayden were both at the beginning of their careers, so they learned the ropes together and they’ve been agent and client–and friends–ever since. Learn more about Mr. Byrne and his agent, Teri Hayden, in this interview […]

The Late Late Show 2009

We are trying something new here at Byrneholics: locally-hosted videos! Here is the first. Click on the link below. Gabriel Byrne appeared on RTÉ’s The Late Late Show in Ireland 29 May 2009. He talks with host Pat Kenny about winning the Golden Globe and how he feels about being […]

No Longer A Rumor: Quirke Comes To Television

We reported not long ago that Andrew Davies was developing the Quirke stories by Benjamin Black for television. Mr. Davies mentioned this in passing in another interview. And, as we know, projects like this can be fickle things, stopping and starting and progressing in spurts or dying quietly while no […]