Benjamin Black’s Dublin: Gabriel Byrne as Quirke

January 16, 2013 The big news today is the casting of Colin Morgan in the third episode of Quirke, entitled Elegy for April, the third in the Benjamin Black series of Quirke books. Mr. Morgan will be playing the role of Jimmy Minor. If you’ve read the books, you know […]

I, ANNA Premieres in UK

I, Anna opens in UK theaters on December 7. This is such an important and long-awaited milestone. Yay! Lots of exclusive stuff–posters, clips, previews–has been coming out in support of the film’s premiere in its home town. While there are still no mainstream reviews, there are several blog and independent […]

The Gathering: Why I Hate Soundbites

Updated December 14 I have transcribed the interview section containing Mr. Byrne’s comments about The Gathering. You can read it here. The audio interview is on this page as well. — You will see only one Byrneholics posting about Gabriel Byrne’s remarks concerning The Gathering, despite the diatribes, slurs, and […]

Gabriel Byrne’s SECRET STATE

Updated November 18 Unlike many television critics in the US, who review individual episodes of series and often have their reviews up within an hour of the episode airing, it appears UK reviewers either preview (and spoil) a new drama series or write a review of the first episode and […]

Gabriel Byrne’s SECRET STATE Starts Now!

This is a compilation of the early reviews for Secret State as it premiered on UK television. Updated November 5 In this case, we must “Remember, Remember, the Seventh of November” and be sure to watch (if you are one of the lucky inhabitants of the UK that gets to […]

Reflecting on “Reflections” (1984)

Gabriel Byrne, currently about to star in a mini-series for Channel 4 UK, starred in another project for Channel 4 back in 1984: Reflections. Based on the novel The Newton Letter, by John Banville, this television film offers great writing, of course, and a great cast, including Byrne, Donal McCann, […]