Mr. Byrne is working with some amazing women these days: musicians, actors, directors. We will begin with two hyphenates. Here is more information about them, with more to follow soon.

Christine Tobin, Singer-Songwriter

The booklet for her new CD, Sailing To Byzantium, offers some insight into her choice of subject and its personal meaning for her. This new project is a collection of poems by William Butler Yeats set to music  and sung by Ms. Tobin, with three readings performed by Gabriel Byrne:

Writing the music for the poems was a real voyage of discovery for me and searching for the sounds and colours to cradle the words gave me a deeper understanding of their meaning…

I asked Gabriel Byrne to read on this recording not solely because of his depth and brilliance as an actor but also because he was my teacher at Ardscoil Éanna school in Dublin and encouraged my artistic leanings. I am delighted and honoured that he agreed to take part and his contribution is both illuminating and inspired.

Here she is interpreting a very different song:

Allison Anders, Screenwriter-Director

Ms. Anders, who is Distinguished Part-time Faculty in Film and Media Studies at University of California Santa Barbara, has a real love for rock and roll, schlocky movies from the past, and popular culture. Here she is commenting for “Trailers From Hell,” the website that helps you remember all the weird and wonderful movies from the past. She riffs on the 1968 film Psych-Out.

Ms. Anders is scheduled to begin filming her latest, The Amorous Humphrey Plugg, with Gabriel Byrne and Patricia Clarkson, sometime this summer in California. You might be interested in a posting she contributed at The Huffington Post: Art Is Not Enough.

Stay tuned for future postings on these amazing women: Charlotte Rampling, Patricia Clarkson, Emmanuelle Devos, and Agatha Christie.

Note from Stella: the project involving Ms. Anders and Ms. Clarkson did not materialize, unfortunately. Nor did the film Crooked House, based on the book by Agatha Christie.

To read more about Charlotte Rampling, check out all of the postings on the film I, Anna.

To learn more about Gabriel’s screen partner Emmanuelle Devos, please read the postings on their film, Le temps de l’aventure/Just A Sigh.



  1. I do recall an interview on the Actors Studio where Gabriel Byrne has said he loves working with women.

    On a different note, I am working on a short story with the theme of journey.I listened to a speech Gabriel Byrne made when he was the Irish ambassador of culture where he talks about a fractured identity. I am hoping further ideas will spring up tomorrow.

    • I am currently transcribing all of his speeches, interviews, and other public appearances as Cultural Ambassador. These will be available here soon. The first set is ready–I am determining the best way to present it to you. So, these transcriptions should help you as you work on your story! Stay tuned.

  2. That sounds good. Certainly any help transcription wise will be great, thanks!!

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