Mr. Byrne shares his thoughts about the global Irish community, new technologies that can help connect that community, and why staying connected with “home” and everyone still there or now far-flung is so important in this new promotional video:

You can find out more about by visiting their website, where you can connect with others and learn more about the global Irish community.

Read the FAQ to get answers to your questions and put yourself on the Map.

[A note from Stella: as of September 7, 2016 the links to no longer work. Irish Central seems to be collaborating with them, however, so there may be more information soon. In the meantime, you can visit the Irish Central Roots section for information on ancestry and history.]

And, as the FAQ states:

Do I need to be Irish to sign up to WorldIrish?

No. This is an inclusive, people-centered initiative. We welcome everyone who has an affinity or interest in Ireland and Irishness.

So, Byrneholics, sign up and check in! smile We certainly have an affinity for Irishness, embodied by our Mr. Gabriel Byrne!


  1. In this video where Gabriel speaks about World Irish I think he still sounds like a Cultural Ambassador for Ireland, but not only as a Cultural Ambassador in USA but as an Ambassador for Ireland and Irish people all around the world. He is not connected to the Irish government anymore, but he will forever be connected to the Irish people and culture in his heart. We can hear that in his voice and see it in his eyes.
    If I was Irish I would be very grateful to him. But I am Norwegian and as a person from a little country in Europe I think it is important that small nations have a voice and a place to connect.
    I hope World Irish will be a great place to go for all people that love Ireland.

    • I love this comment from you, Nora! You are absolutely right. He will forever be connected to the Irish people and culture in his heart, as you say. And this connection IS so evident in the video–he speaks with such emotion, dare we say it? I love this about him. I hope World Irish turns out to be THE place for people to connect about Ireland. Thanks for your comments. I really appreciate the time you take to share your thoughts, Nora.

  2. deirdre houston

    I am a thrice returned immigrant – from London, from Canada and from Hong Kong. I am now living in Co Sligo and am a practising visual artist. I am about to embark on a piece of visual art themed on ‘the gathering’. Any input would be welcome. I found Mr. Byrne’s video moving and relevant.

    • Hi, Deirdre! Thanks for visiting and thanks for the news about your project. It sounds ambitious and very exciting!

      I am glad you found Mr. Byrne’s video relevant to your work. I think, if you have not already seen/read it, his opening speech at the Gateway Ireland meeting back in 2010 is worth your time. This is the speech in which he talked about the Diaspora and the importance of art and story-telling:

      “People have used two words this morning, over and over: “diaspora” and “culture.” What does the word “diaspora” mean? Well, it’s a Greek word and it means “a scattering of seeds.” That’s a powerful meaning. Some people would argue, I think, that Ireland forgets about the seeds that have gone away, but the seeds that have gone away have never forgotten about Ireland. Because Ireland is not just a place, it’s a state of mind, it’s a part of your soul that you belong to…”


      “So art isn’t something that exists over there, some elite thing that is in the corner there. The reason it became art, our art, our culture, our story, is because when people went away, they sang about home, they sang about the things that meant something to them. It was the expression of their soul and the expression of their spirit. That’s what Irish culture is: it is the expression of our spirit.”

      You can watch his speech and also read a transcript of it here:

      Connecting the Dots:

      I look forward to hearing more about your project as you embark upon this new adventure and I am here to help you in any way I can!


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