After sharing tons of Gabriel Byrne interviews with you here at this website, now it is MY turn! Please join me, my colleague here at Byrneholics, Aragarna, and our friends at the Gabriel Byrne & InTreatment website, Linda and Scarlett, as we participate in a roundtable discussion about our favorite subject, Gabriel Byrne, led by Dr. Cherie Ann Turpin!

When: Wednesday, September 19, 8:00 pm Eastern Standard Time (USA)

Where: BlogTalkRadio: Art, Pop Culture, Fansites: Roundtable on Gabriel Byrne

During the show, please call (347) 215-7908 with your questions and comments or, if you prefer, leave your questions as a comment on this posting and we will be sure to answer them.

The time says 7:00 pm on the BlogTalkRadio webpage
because Stella lives in Central Standard Time in the USA!

Roundtable discussion details provided by Dr. Turpin at the official blogcast:

This episode is part of my ongoing research for my upcoming book on Gabriel Byrne, Irish Cinema, and Cultural Hybridity: it features a roundtable discussion with website owners and frequent commentators who maintain online traffic and interest in their object of admiration, the actor, political activist, and former Cultural Ambassador to Ireland Gabriel Byrne.

Roundtable participants are the following:

Stella, (MA, Library/Information Science), whose publications include articles on information technology, institutional repositories and discovery tools, and a forthcoming ethnographic study of faculty research practices (Fall 2012)–she is website owner and host of the fansite;

Scarlett, an event planner who is currently working on a novel under a publishing contract;

Linda, an accounts payable manager and website development specialist who teaches computer skills for adult education;

Aragarna, (Ph.D), who works in academia and is co-director of The Frenchies Fans of George Clooney and Forum Moderator for Byrneholics.

Linda and Scarlett run Gabriel Byrne & InTreatment, a website for the tv show In Treatment: (a site that’s come to include post-show Gabriel Byrne activities since cancellation in March 2011).

Topics to be covered: role of technology and viral impact on icon-making in popular culture, their contribution to continued popular interest in certain celebrities and other figures of Irish pop culture, as well as discussing erotic agency, gender assumptions/performative, objectification of male bodies, and fandom.

I am very excited about participating in this roundtable with my fellow Gabriel Byrne fans. We plan to address some serious topics, as you can see, but there will be plenty of fun talk, too. Gabriel Byrne brings out the best in us, serious and not-so-serious. I hope you can be there!


  1. It sounds great!
    I must find when the time will be in Norwegian time so I can listen to it.

    Gabriel Byrne is gifted and talented in so many ways so there are so many things to discuss concerning him.

    • Hi, Nora! You can listen later at your convenience because the blogcast will be archived. Also, I will receive a transcription that I can post here for everyone to read. That should be helpful, too.

      Thanks for your support!


  2. Archiving and transcribing the blog cast sounds like a good plan.

  3. Oh wow, that’s awesome! I too was thinking “well I could set my alarm for 1 am …. but will I be able to get up in the morning again?!” ;-)

    Thanks for all you do, and all the fabulous Gabriel Byrne stuff you share.

  4. Kim Serrahn /Connell

    I’ve been thinking about the use of language and I was wondering if the same thing about being able to master American idiom English is or would be the same for the Native Peoples of the America’s. Most Native People will never know their own language because they’ve never heard it spoken. So by Mr. B. learning to speak like a gangster or a southerner wouldn’t that be moot. I think about Ebonics in that way also. Mr.B I don’t think lost any of his Irishness nor his way of speaking just because he’s had to refine or redefine the way he speaks. To make one’s point clear we all have to be able to enunciate clearly to be understood. And film is one way to do that. So my thinking is that the point of having to change one’s speech patterns does not really lend itself to cultural hybridism, it’s just a way of speaking.

  5. I am listening to the blog cast at the moment. It’s a very interesting discussion so far. It’s 45 minutes into the show.

  6. I have now finished listening to the whole blog cast. There were many points that I agree with. It also sounded like a fun interview. I have to admit it was a distraction from my own creative writing , a great distraction!

  7. Thanks for sharing this.
    Very interesting to listen to.

  8. Thanks for sharing this, i really enjoyed it, especially the part about In Treatment!

  9. I was listening to the discussion of the blog cast on Gabriel Byrne’s portrayal of Paul Weston where we see another side to his character. As a former student of literature, and we also discussed this in the writing group that the main protagonist has a flaw ie that our characters aren’t perfect.

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