Help us celebrate Gabriel’s birthday, which is May 12!

I am making a picture book  and a video of birthday wishes and messages and pictures from members of Byrneholics and Gabriel Byrne fans the world over.

The book will be a SnapFish book. Pretty cool, yes?

To do this, I need your participation!

Here is what I need from you:

1. Your first name (real name, screen name, whatever you are comfortable with)

2. Your city and country

3. Your birthday message: keep it as short as you can but feel free to say what you want. I will find a way to fit your message on the printed page, I promise.

4. A picture of you, your city, something meaningful to you, whatever you like. It’s a picture book, after all. smile

I would like to include your contribution in a birthday video, so let me know if that is okay with you. If you do not tell me it is okay, I will not include it.

Send your information to me at

One last thing: if you would like to send Mr. Byrne a letter, I will print it out (and I will not read it!) and include it in the box with the book.

The deadline is May 1. If you cannot make this deadline, let me know.

Mr. Byrne’s agent has indicated that she will make sure he receives our birthday wishes, so this is great.

I hope you will participate in this celebration!

Happy Birthday, Gabriel Byrne!

 These “candles” are going to be difficult to blow out, I think!


  1. Great idea!

  2. wishing you an enlightening, inspiring, fulfilling birthday and year to come for tomorrow!

  3. Happy birthday,Gabriel. God, you’re handsome! you’ll be handsome when you’re 90.

  4. Happy birthday,
    gabriel. And many more.

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